CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Feature Request:

    This is obviously a long term goal as your priority is getting it up and running first.

    Are you considering cutting up some of your features into sub-mods? This would allow you to more easily isolate future conflicts, more easily resolve isolated issues and give players more control over which specific features they want to include from your package of fantastic features.

    For example, your redstone features I would absolutely love, but I'm worried about the your minecart features that I won't need conflicting with Minecart Mania's features I use (And much of which disable).
  2. Any known release date? I need this so bad.
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    <-- Is on the edge of his seat. [​IMG]
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    Read the thread
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    Eah, CraftBook provides so many automatics and useful features, I just wonder what it can do on Bukkit ^_^
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    I love this plugin, even though I haven't tested it yet.
    It provides so much automatic things :D

    I hope it'll be here soon :D
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    That was fixed no? And plus you just had to set it all to false in the config. Worked fine.
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    I canĀ“t wait this is the best plugin i ever seen
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    I need the Flloding-Gates for my dam ;-)
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    Best news!
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    Is there any way that, either in the release or near future, we will be able to include the different wool and dye colors as part of CB Cauldron recipes? I would like to have fairly tough recipes for the hard-to-find dyes (like Lapis), and include colored wools in other recipes.

    Also, mob detector IC! [​IMG]
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    Every day I check like 3 times to see if it's done >_<
    Can't wait!
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    dark navi

    Anyone wanna post a compiled version of the plugin? I can't compile it in my current state.
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    Can't really say much about changes/features to CraftBook yet. Date is currently Feb 12, 2011 for a working release.

    On another note, I was playing with MIDI files + note blocks some more:

    Perhaps a MIDI playing IC is in the future?
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    That would be overgenious! I hope it's possible soon!
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    Cannot wait! Miss this plugin like he** =(
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    I also wouldn't mind some way of allowing the sound to be brodcast across the entire map. Something reserved for admins as it would allow my clock tower to be heard everywhere. Added with a light sensor I could probably get it to play different chimes at different parts of the day, i've already got all of the notes from Wesminster chimes.
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    Well, the problem is that the client demands a note block before it will consider playing a note.
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    dark navi

    Beacons of Gondor Noteblocks.
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    that would be cool have pubs and clubs and such :)
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    Mind adding in Permissions compatibility?
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    "Also, perhaps MIDI playing ICs?"

    Hell Yes - I sense my own world theme song in the making!
    if you add this.
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 9:37 AM ---
    I second this. I see that bukkit made permissions top priority I dont see any permissions yet niji manages to make one in a week or so.
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    Well, Niji's does only a small percent of what Bukkit's does, and I don't know how well his works.

    Permissions for Bukkit is also already done. It is waiting on another component of Bukkit at the moment (data storage and persistence).
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    Hehe quite funny that there's a permissions and persistance plugin out :p

    Hope everything is going well with the development, I can't wait!
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    dark navi

    I used photoshop. haha. Contact me on MSN if you want me to make one.

    msn: [email protected]
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    ok i did but how did you get it to link to your server website msg me tomorrow on msn.
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    he has a link embedded in the image just like the one in your sig you can do a google search to see how
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    yeah I hope the bukkit part gets finished the same time as craftbook. As I see it I need both or want both before we move to 1.2 hehe,
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    ETA? (his works great btw)

    When are you planning to release CraftBook? Still Thursday?
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    Can't wait :D
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 2:46 AM ---
    For the cauldron recipes, it should be like 35:damage. I run Essentials on my server and that's what it does for /give and /item.
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