CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Looking forward to this.
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    That would be fantastic! For noteblocks especially.
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    I need my lifts and gates back ;)
    Users can't get out of her castle, I can't lift down in my basement. Hehe
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    I've been waiting for this since I started using Bukkit. Thanks so much sk for your hard work on all your projects.

    I sure hope Afforess doesn't decide to block CraftBook from loading when you start Minecart Mania like he did for hMod. I was so angry at that.

    I'd like to see CraftBook's minecart feature be a little be more refined, however. Putting signs kind of defeat's the purpose of redstone, especially when the sign has to be under the block with track on it. I like to be able to hide my redstone, and sometimes, I don't have enough space under the blocks to walk in. I have spots where there's another room directly under where the sign would be.

    This isn't expected for the first release for Bukkit, but would be nice in a future release. I do applaud Afforess for the way he designed his Minecart Mania plugin.

    I know there needs to be some sort of difference between the two, though. lol.

    Anyway, good job!
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    I have a request for a new IC. In the last CraftBook update for Hmod, there were water, lava, and daylight/time detector ICs. Is there any way we can get a mob-detecting IC? Output is off when a mob is in a certain radius, on when the mobs are gone. This would allow us to create dungeon-style rooms that require the player to kill all mobs to open the way to the next room.

    I love CraftBook and consider it, by far, the best plugin avaliable for Minecraft SMP. Eagerly awaiting release of the first CraftBook build for Bukkit (and so is everyone else on my server [​IMG]).
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    Tied into a timing circuit to two music blocks, you could have a nice little dual tone alert alarm system, wouldn't that be spiffy?
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    Is it possible to make CraftBook a core plugin with addons? Like Minecart Mania. Because I want to let Minecart Mania and Craftbook work together.
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    Is there any possibility of getting dropped items go into the chest on touch? It would be nice to have that included to craftbook!
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    It would be nice, if there is a “burst” IC, which sends a (small) burst, if the state is changed:
    Time: 0123456789
    In:   0011111100
    Out:  0010000010
    And maybe configurable so it triggers only if Input changed from 0 → 1, 1 → 0 or on both changes.

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    Those features will be considered.

    CraftBook is still be worked on, but I'd have to ask Lymia first before giving you all a new completion percent figure.
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    Thanks for the update sk!

    can't wait to get the ol' subway rolling again!
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    If we wanted to make a suggestion for Craftbook where should it go? I was thinking toll signs maybe.
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    Tony Grosinger

    I too am interested in this. What happens if we use both plugins? Can we disable the minecart features in CraftBook but still use everything else?
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    What I would like to see is the ability of the sign under the block to receive power for the block itself. This would really allow me to hide my redstone. For example, we have a block with a button on it with redstone under it. The wire goes straight to a sign that says North which is under an obsidian block. If the button powered the sign, then the block goes into launch mode. This would make hiding wire really easy. But there is one thing that always drives me crazy about buttons and switches and that is I don't know how to make a button with hidden wire that is 2 blocks high.
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    I do enjoy craftbooks way of powering the sign. As it allows a hidden circuit.
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    Yes, but what happens when you have a room immediately under the blocks?
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    I miss this.
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    Waits with anticipation!!!
    *Moon rises*
    AHHHH [​IMG]
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    Any news? Refactor tree hasnt been worked on in a while. ;[
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    When can we expect this to be released do we have any rough eta? , its killing me inside not having this back yet.
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    Then you've planned it wrong. :v
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    The rough eta we received was for sometime this week. And now I just want this plugin so much, I didn't realise how much I would miss it untill it was gone.
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    So perhaps a new date: next Thursday, and I am pretty sure for next Friday.
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    You're like 50% of minecraft
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    Excited! I just managed to compile CraftBook (the refactor branch from github) and it compiles fine, but of course it's not ready for Bukkit yet - no plugin.yml for a start :)
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    Yay was sad of hmod, coz nearly using craftbook, then woop, update, ugh hmod wont work, havent tried craftbook yet, now its coming to Bukkit, Hurray, Now I will remove ma castle iron doors and add a gate :D
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    Good news cause i was just forced to port over to bukkit after hmod had a issue and couldnt get the CPU usage to go below 80% (It never done it before) so happy :p
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    Nice! Thanks for the reply mate.
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