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    Perhaps he understands dates better than you.
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    Looks like somebody needs to learn the difference between Beta and Release versions.

    Start here to educate yourself, then say sorry to Gravity for your little outburst.
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  4. Pardon me, but.
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    Do not use this version of craftbukkit. It WILL take out your whole server. I tried it and it killed all my plugins and never loaded a single one! I hope a Mod takes this post down.
  6. You do noticed its for 1.7.2 BETA..... right?
  7. People really need to read posts carefully... if everyone actually read the post about Bukkit for 1.7 and when it would come out, people like this wouldn't be making useless posts and insulting staff.
  8. What to do? People like this is just too eager to get latest update and saw the word "1.7.2 release" and be like "THERE! THERE 1.7.2! I DEMAND AN EXPLAINATION FOR THIS" without reading the rest of the post
  9. Locked. We do not have builds out for Minecraft 1.7 as of the current moment.
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