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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by waddle1463, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Minecraft Server Management Panel/Craft Bukkit Auto Installer
    Hey everyone it's waddle1463 with some awesome news for you minecrafters! A tool has been created to assist you in installing the latest craftbukkit build. This tool is very advanced and there is no reason why you shouldent install it.


    • An easy to use interface that is so easy a caveman could use it
    • Detailed help and guides
    • An automatic installation of the newest version of craftbukkit
    • Allows you to reinstall if your server is having problems
    • Comes with popular plugins such as essentials and world edit
    • Comes with a server properties editor which allows you to edit your server settings without looking at the server.properties file.
    • Comes with the ability to run and stop the server on demand
    • The Op and whitelist editors allow you to edit the ops.txt and white-list.txt files. You are able to add or delete ops and whitelist users
    • Automatic updates are included
    Im working on making more features, its only in 1.2 right now.

    Why you should download it
    The minecraft server management panel provides access to advanced features of the server and is a great tool for newbs and experts alike. Sometimes things are nice when they are simple.

    Minecraft server management panel can be downloaded for free at the following places:


    Free updates come with download. To install click the install button on the page and run the application

    Bugs and errors
    Since this is a new application I expect it to have errors. If you have an error, copy the full thing or take a screenshot and post it. I will respond to your post as soon as possible.
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    Could you post some screenshots?
    and I guess people will use this faster if you don't need to isntall. (I HATE these Visual Studio deployments....)
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    Sounds good, i will
  4. I tried using your program and the progress bar only gets to about 35% on installation before I get a 'file missing' error. Is this an error with the program or with my download? I tried the download using multiple downloaders, mega manager, mozzila default downloader, chrome etc. and the result was always the same, 'file missing'. There is also a bug that if the installation fails the 1st time around the program will think that it installed correctly and only display a reinstall option for subsequent installations. Overall though looks like a very nice program, will you be releasing the source code at any stage?

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    thanks for Trying out my program. I am aware of that error. If you want the source code I can send u it by email. I will be releasing a new version soon and that error will be fixed. Some new features will be included, like an automatic plugin installer from a respitory. Thanks again
  6. I downloaded it and it seems to work, but when i hit start server i get a message saying the server has been stopped.
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