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    Suggested name: CPUChecker

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin which can do the following stuff
    - See how much RAM/CPU is being used like on Multicraft (example 60/100%)
    - See how much RAM/CPU is being used by each plugin, like Essentials is using 60mb right now.
    That would show people, what plugins there causes problems. And which ones you need to fix/remove.
    If there already exists this kind of plugin, please tell me.

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands:
    /cpu check - Checks the total CPU/RAM usage
    /cpu list - Shows all the plugins with an ID like essentials has the ID 1
    /cpu check 1 - Checks the plugin with the ID 1, which in this case is essentials.

    Ideas for permissions:
    cpucheck.check - /cpu check
    cpucheck.list - /cpu list
    cpucheck.checkeach - /cpu check 1

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible :)

    I hope you guys can help with get this idea in progress :)

    - Nicolai
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    I personally think this would be a great idea!
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    Ready to donate! PM me when plugin will be ready.
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    Not sure if this is actually possible.
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    This already exists. It's part of the plugin nolagg. You can disable all other components and just use the examiner.
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    I've tried NoLagg, but it's a kinda weird.
    I would like a plugin with just this one feature, and easy to access the file.
    And just see what the plugins uses of memory ingame. Not so you need to download some program to view the files like for NoLagg. And i have never found the download link for their program. They don't "advertise" it very good
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    Multi craft!
  9. Did you even read the instructions?

    NoLagg have GUI too.
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    The program is the plugin lol, just double click it...
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    This isn't possible to be accurate. If you want this use a Java Profiler, like jVisualVM. The profiler in NoLagg is very innacurate in certain scenarios, and gives extremely different results than jVisualVM, due to the fact that this isn't exactly too possible.

    tl;dr Use jVisualVM, NoLagg is innacurate.
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    Just use /timings.

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