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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Coppercoal, Sep 2, 2015.

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    Hello everybody, I am Coppercoal and I want DisguiseCraft on my server, i use a mc host called Minespan, but anyways when i install DisguiseCraft pluign and use the command it says an internal error occurred my consle says nothing about it and i doubt any of my plugins would interfere with it. Minespan says the commands are up to date and i even installed Protocol Lib and Libs disguise, i even had multiple morphing commands on!!!! None working plz Help!!!!!!!

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  2. Do you have vault installed?
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    no should I?

    I just installed it, still no work

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  4. Have you tried making a ticket on the DisguiseCraft bukkit page?
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    Ill try that
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    I would also suggest LibsDisguises. Same thing, has a bit more disguise options. You need ProtocolLib for it to work however. Also- double check th disguisecraft page for any other plugins it may depend on.
  7. He said he installed LibsDisguise.... :)
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