"Could Not Call Home" Never saw this before?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by B5ive, Oct 29, 2011.

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    So I have recently started seeing a [info]Could Not Call Home? Never seen this before and I am wondering what this is? Have not seen any issues with the server but when I do a search online and these forums nothing comes up.

    If anybody knows what this is please let me know....Thanks in advance!
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    What plugins do you have?
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    I'm not the OP, But I noticed the same thing in console today.

    Plugins list:

    Permissions(Bridge for PEX)
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    It's McMMO.
    It's a part of an usage statistic reporting - AFAIK, you can opt-out of it.
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    Acrobot, I need help with Chest&Sign plugin, go check your conversations.
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    I get the same message, and I don't even have McMMO...
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    I think it's part of a common stats reporting class someone lets devs use.
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    It's a class called "CallHome" which is created/distributed by "SwearWord" to developers that want to use it. The plugin developers just import that class into their plugin, such that it sends usage statistics to http://blockface.org automatically. Normally the plugin that uses this class should print a line like this on startup:

    "[pluginname] Stats are being kept for this plugin. To opt-out for any reason, check plugins/stats."

    If no plugin does print that warning for your server and you find out which plugin uses this class, be sure to complain about it to the author of the plugin, because it is not ok to add such homecall features without telling people about it. The author of the plugin had to explicitely removed this warning, so that's almost malicious behaviour.

    PS: Don't complain at "SwearWord". The version of the class that he offers is made with your privacy in mind and all kinds of warnings and options to "opt-out" are included.

    EDIT: btw here is the sourcecode of the class:


    As you can see, in its original state it is pretty harmless.
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    I've got it too recently and it was after downloading the MMO plugins.
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    It seems to be from MCMMO. So these stats it is recording...Is it just local or is it being sent elsewhere? Thanks guys. This didnt seem to effect anything it was just something that started popping up.
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    It's really annoying when it spams your server log. If a plugin is sending private stats elsewhere, privacy is being invaded and I want to be able to choose whether this happens or not.
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    well, as a developer, it is nice to have usage statistics and debugging information when you need help, you can always delete the software if you don't like it, however developers should not be limited to code like this as it allows us to to find bugs and to see how much the plugin is being used.
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    I understand, but that doesn't change my two main arguments:
    1: Server hosts should have the option to easily remove or disable this feature.
    2: If the "Could not call home" error message is spamming the console, the feature is not working properly so it serves no purpose!
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    and i disagree being a developer, i you don't want a certain feature then (like calling home) then don't use the software, remember this is being provided for free, so its give and take

    while it is annoying, it does serve a purpose, it is telling you that a plugin could not contact the master server to send information to
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    Since I just got this issue, it doesn't seem to really spam anymore. It does send out the error every once in awhile though, and right after all plugins have started up. ATM for me, it is gone.
    I tried reading what everyone else said, and I understand how it has to deal with coding, classes, ect. But, does this error happen at a certain point, a lot like a breaking point? So when x happens, this error happens, but when y happens, x is gone. When y is gone, x comes back, or something so.
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