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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lukICU, Oct 20, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Drop Packages

    What I want: I'm looking for the plugin they use on cosmic pvp or similar. The legendary drop packages and the ultra rare drop packages and so forth.
    You right click with the drop package in your hand. It comes up with a Gui with all these panes. You click on the panes and get random loot. Such as aumor, weapons and customisable item that you can add through the config. You should also be able to change the name and lore of item.

    These chests should come in teirs. Legendary. Ultimate. Elite. Unique. Simple. These chests each have different categories in the config.

    - 'dirt 1' chance: 50 name: 'm' lore: 'd'

    - 'diamond 1' chance: 95 name: 'diamond' lore: 'diamonds 4 life'


    Ideas for commands: /givedp [Legendary, Ultimate, Simple etc.]

    Ideas for permissions: dp.use

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    Assume that no-one here plays/has played on a plugin with this.
    What exactly is it meant to do?
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    I updated the Thing at the top
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    Weren't you just saying to delete this request?
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    I changed my mine since i saw you werre online

    So are you up for making the plugin?

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    No, sorry.

    Be patient, you've only had this request up for 1 day
  7. @lukICU So you want a plugin where people can get given these packages from a command, it comes up with a gui and you click panes for a random reward? Seems easy enough.

    What size should the gui be and any specific colours for the panes?

    Also do you mind if I do the rewards.yml like
        Chance: 50
        Name: '&cDirt'
        Lore: '&aLine'
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    Yes perfect

    Panes Radom colour and the chest gui

    And you should only be able to click on 4 glass panes

    And lore should be able to have multiple lines

    Oh and the Chests should be called
    Name: Simple DP Command to get: /givedp Simple [player]
    Name: Unique DP Command to get: /givedp Unique [player]
    Name: Elite DP Command to get: /givedp Elite [player]
    Name: Ultimate DP Command to get: /givedp Ultiamte [player]
    Name: Legendary Dp Command to get: /givedp Legendary [player]

    Do you know when the plugin will be done? Because I working on a server for a friend and he has a deadline by next week.
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    What's your friend going to do if the deadline isn't met?
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    Nothing but he is paying for a server and he needs a plugin like this.
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