Cores (Gamemode inspired by tf2 Attack and Defence)

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    Suggested name:

    Gamemode Description:
    I made a arena where Red team comes in and has to destroy Blue team's core by hitting the self destruct button. If the core is not destroyed in 10 minuets, Blue team wins and Red has to get to the drop ship and escape. (Blue can destroy the red drop ship to gain extra money) If Red destroys the core in the allotted time, the base blows up (20-30 second fuse time) and the Blue Team has to leave the arena via their drop ship. (Red can destroy the drop ship by hitting a button onboard the ship and blowing it up). The Winners of the match get a configurable amount of money(Preferably compatible with Essentials Eco or IConomy)

    When the game ends, the arena's blocks should be reset automatically (by the plugin) so the next game can begin. The winning players should get their winnings and be teleported back to the main lobby. The losing players should get a smaller sum of money and be sent back to the main lobby.

    Teams, Lobby, etc.:
    The teams can be set by a clickable sign that randomly and evenly distributes the teams. There should be a configurable time limit for joining the teams before the game starts. (OPTIONAL: There could be a command for select players to be able to set their team preference.)
    The players are sent to their team's spawn after being assigned a team, where they can click a sign to be assigned a class. (These should be configurable)

    Game launch and setup time:
    After the players are assigned a team, and the allotted time is up, and they choose their class as previously mentioned, The blue team gets a configurable amount of setup time before the Red team gets teleported into the drop ship (from the mother ship where the Red spawn should be.) where they will jump into battle from the drop ship Titanfall style. after the Red team is teleported to the dropship, their spawn can change to the drop ship(<<<optional).

    Arena Creation:
    If it is possible to make the arena area using World Edit's wand, that would be great. If not, a command would be fine.

    Other stuff:
    A serverwide announcement that says who won the match.
    Name tag color changed to the color of the player's team.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but please know your time and effort is and will be appreciated.

    If something needs to be explained further, leave a comment.

    If it helps any, screenshots of the arena are attatched 2014-08-01_18.32.08.png 2014-08-01_18.32.19.png 2014-08-01_18.32.26.png 2014-08-01_18.32.30.png 2014-08-01_18.32.51.png
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