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    Yes, cops and robbers in Minecraft, I'm going to put all of my ideas from servers I played on GTA SA:MP on here (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer).

    A plugin I'd like for my server.

    Cops & Robbers

    1. How it works You would gain wanted stars from killing players, and a Policemen group defined in Permissions or something would try to /cuff [ID], then /ar [ID].

    2. Colors White, yellow, orange, and red. These are the wanted levels that players are on,
    • White means that the player is currently innocent and has done nothing wrong, so Policemen can't arrest him, they can only /cuff the player if the innocent player tries to /rob or try to do anything to the Officer while innocent (will be explained later) and it would have an auto uncuff timer to prevent abuse.
    • Yellow means that the player is still innocent but did something like, shooting a bow at a player but not killing him (too bad guns aren't in Minecraft) which means then you could /fine [ID] the player. Then you would be rewarded for fining a person that is yellow.
    • Orange means that the player should be arrested but not kill. Anyone Orange is in all means not at all very dangerous but you can still arrest the player for doing crimes like robbing another player. When arresting an Orange it would not send him to a jail like Alcatraz but to a Medium Facility jail so his jailtime would be lower to 100 seconds or lower, and he would be able /escape easier, and he would be changed to a Red color. You would still be rewarded if arresting this player
    • Red means that the player is VERY dangerous and will be rewarded alot of money if arrested, this player will most likely have more of his pals around him so Police Officers cannot arrest him, as he does more crimes and kill more people his wanted level will increase and the reward amount will increase. This color would be sent to a Maximum facility jail with a jailtime of 200-300 seconds, and he can only be broken out by another person that is not in jail. People that are red can only use /reqvisit [ID] so that he can be broken out of jail, and if the other White/yellow player can make it through the guards.
    3. Jails where you cannot escape it AT ALL, and the only means of escaping is using the /escape command in a Medium Facility jail, but it would not work in a Maximum facility jail. I've explained it a little in the Orange and Red color descriptions. Yes Reds can only use /reqvisit so that the player can look for his jail cell and break him out using the /breakout [ID] command.

    In SA:MP you couldn't break anything so It made more sense there.

    4. Commands

    /cuff - This command can cuff players so that the player cannot perform a command or move at all.

    /ar - This command is to be performed after you /cuff a criminal, this would send them to a jail that you have defined.

    /fine - This turns a Yellow player back to White and gives the Officer money for performing that command, you would also have to be in a certain radius to fine a Yellow player, if he doesn't want his money taken away.

    /escape - Breaks you out of a jail, it would work more times then it would fail, only if you are orange.

    /breakout [ID] - The white/yellow color would have to use this command to break out the person in jail, and it would have a rare chance of working. If failed the white/yellow color would have to serve jail time automatically.

    This was only replicated from that one server, and it was pretty damn fun, I don't think I've explained it clear enough, but if a plugin developer decides to try something like this, he is welcome to make it what he wants.
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    Played to much Gta samp? xD
    But nice idea :p
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    I'm thinking about taking on this plugin as i run a prison server and this would be great, i'll inform you if i do take this idea on.
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    You have minecraft server. IP?
  5. Read the date, It doesn't say
    August 10, 2012
  6. Really nice idea, CombatWiZ. Any news on this topic? (i.e. do you still play Minecraft? Found/made a plugin like this request?)
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    He hasn't been on since April 29, so I doubt he'll respond..

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