Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LewisPotato, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I would like a simple plugin making which basically puts a cooldown on the plugin here. So people do not spam it, I would like the prefix to be ' &8[&bCoolYourShout&8] ' and the message to be ' &fYou can shout again in &c<seconds>&f seconds ' the default seconds until you can shout again will be 9 seconds, also the name of the plugin to be ' CoolYourShout', no config will be needed, I hope somebody can code this, thank-you!
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  3. That plugin is proprietary, I've got some time spare so I can help you make this as a whole so shouting + cooldown as long as you agree to use GNU GPL :)
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    Could you PM me it in private message? I'd like this to be private if possible.

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  5. @LewisPotato I finished. It does not use the existing plugin's code at all. I used the name ChatCommandCooldown because I made it work for any kind of chat pattern you want with a configurable cooldown time, but what you need is defaulted.

    I'll put it on BukkitDev soon, but without approval: Creative Commons BY

    This works in conjunction to the existing plugin. Do not remove it.

    Also, private plugins are not allowed on bukkit. They're a security risk to you (no one else can see if the code has a backdoor) and encourages payment, which also breaks our rules.
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