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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CJDawson, May 27, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Items / Weapons

    Minecraft version: 1.8.9

    Suggested name: MorePickaxes

    What I want: I would love to see 4 types of pickaxes, all combinable in an anvil.
    Bountiful - timestamp 14:44
    Magnetic - Whatever you mine, goes into your inventory
    Explosive - Destroys every block in a 2x2 radius
    Smelters - If the ore is iron or gold etc. It will auto smelt it.

    Ideas for commands: /mp [bountiful/magnetic/explosive/smelters]
    will give the the said pickaxe
    /mp explosive
    will give me explosive pickaxe

    Ideas for permissions: morepicks.usebountiful, morepicks.usemagnetic, morepicks.useexplosive, morepicks.usesmelters. morepicks.getbountiful, morepicks.getmagnetic, morepicks.getexplosive, morepicks.getsmelters.

    When I'd like it by: Saturday
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    @CJDawson What would a '2x2' radius look like? The first block is the block you mined, but what about the rest, how should the plugin know which blocks should be destroyed?
    Another thing, should the pickaxes have a special name and/or a special lore? And how should it look if they are combined using an anvil?
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    I see what you mean. It should really be a 3x3 with the block you mined being in the center.
    And no blocks should be destroyed? The drops should be modified like shown in the video.
    I say they should have a lore that says what pickaxes have been combined like

    Smelters pickaxe
    Bountiful pickaxe.

    They should still look like a diamond pickaxe if combined.
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    @CJDawson are you still needing the plugin made, or not since you stated to have it by Saturday?

    Also, buildtools wouldn't let me build 1.8.9 saying that it didn't exist, but it did build 1.8.8 successfully; would a 1.8.8 plugin work with 1.8.9 (unless there is a 1.8.9 api and server jar i can find)? Additionally, what would be the exact name and lore format of combined pickaxes? One last thing, would each morepicks.use... perm be to allow players to mine with that pick (if the player attempts to destroy a block with a pick they dont have the perm for, the block replaces itself when broken and nothing drops), and I'm assuming that the morepicks.get... is for commands right?
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    I think I can do this until tomorrow.
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    Yeah, build with 1.8.8, it'll work with 1.8.9.
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