Cool Influence Region System Requested

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by nickvlimpt12, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Hey guys. I need to have a plugin that you can have influence lands.
    if you are on a groupmanager group. You will give them each group a permission. And with that permission you will be able to do things for free on your own region set land.

    you got like 6 regions. Your group owns one. And if you go into the others region. You have to pay influence to break/place/use doors etc. This influence counts to a maximum of 1000 influence. Each minute you are online. You recieve one influence. And you can spend it when building/breaking on the land of others. 200 for breaking a block. And 100 for using a door.

    Also a command that you can do to disable this all and everything is free to build. Everywhere.

    You guys know what i mean? Influence Regions.
    Every group got there own region to build on for free. Build on the other regions will cost you influence.
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