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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by herpingdo, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Hey there, I like to play singleplayer adventure maps with a friend of mine on my Bukkit server that I made just for this. The problem is, some of the maps use the Nether as a crucial part to completing them. When I load the map with Multiverse into Bukkit, how do I also load (and link) the world's nether? (If I just go through a portal, Bukkit generates a new _nether world.


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    You have to do /mv import world_nether normal
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    I don't have a world_nether folder... This is a singleplayer world. That's the whole problem, I only have one folder no nether.
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    You can find the nether world files in Applacation Support/minecraft/saves/world/DIM-1/
    Or if you have windows open "Run" and type in %AppData% and go into the .minecraft folder
    After that,
    Open your server folder then
    Simply take the DIM-1 folder and drop it in the world_nether folder if theres already a DIM-1 folder in the world_nether folder you can delete or move it somewhere els.

    Notes: If your default world name was changed change world_nether for example: "Myworld_nether"
    And make sure enable nether in server properties remains "true"
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