Convert String (PlayerName) to Player?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KaiBB, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Are you still looking for help on this topic? I think the whole NPE problem has been sorted :D
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    I think it's worked out :)
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    This may be considered bumping, but I found this thread very useful for when I was trying to do the exact same thing. Thank you OP for asking the question.

    I do have one question about this though, how can I do this for an OfflinePlayer? I want to be able to turn a String into a Player with/without them having to be online. Is there one single method to do this by chance? I have tried Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer(String); but that returns OfflinePlayer, and I need Player.

    Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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    You can use offlinePlayer.getPlayer() or Bukkit.getPlayer(string). Both will return null if the player is not online.
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    Actually it is => OfflinePlayer player = Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer("Player Name");
    Gets the player by the given name, regardless if they are offline or online.

    Use it with -> if(player.IsOnline()); if you want to do something to the player that requires them to be online at the time.

    I use it to return player Names to ensure ArrayLists use the proper name case and spelling,

    OfflinePlayer pp = Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer(args[0]);
    buildfriend.addbuildfriend(player.getDisplayName(), pp.getName());
    When you do something like this CASE matters:

    if (Data.tobuildfriends.containsKey(player.getDisplayName()))
    if the name was not added with the proper case it will fail the check.
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    Hmm, sorry for "Push".

    But how i acutally could find a offline/online player?
    I'm not interested to know if the player is online or offline.

                        Player pTo = Bukkit.getPlayer(args[0]);
                        if (pTo == null) {
                            String str = this.plugin.translationConfig.getConfig().getString("user.never.played").replace("{player}", args[0]);
                            return true;
    Said that the player doesnt exist.
    But the player exists and is offline...

    Any usefull code?
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