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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by kumpelblase2, May 26, 2012.

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  1. For next stream see #20!

    Hey developers!

    The conversations api which is implemented in Bukkit is a, in my opinion, really under-used and probably also under estimated api with a lot of potential. Since I had and still have a lot of interest, I went ahead and worked with it a lot, experimenting with it and generally getting the hang of it. I'm pretty sure that I now have a lot of experience with it to share my knowledge with you and helping you to get into the conversations as well.

    Since Father of Time asked me, if I could give him an introduction into the conversations api and the best way of doing that is a video/livestream. Because I'm making a live stream anyway, I thought about why not giving everybody the opportunity to take a look at the conversations. So if you want to, you'll be able to watch it here:
    and the presentation will start at 2PM EST on Monday, 28th, so tomorrow.

    But I'm not just only making a presentation which includes the general overview of what the conversation api is about, I'll also give you some examples and you can ask me anything afterwards if you would still have open questions. The stream probably last about a 1/2 ~ 1 hour(s) depending on how much questions you have, it might take longer. It'll get recorded as well so you have the change of watching it afterwards if you weren't able to watch it live.

    So, see you then :)
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    I'm going to try and attend this since I have a few questions about the API itself.
  3. Stream is over guys. If you weren't able to watch it, you can view the video on the stream channel! Feel free to pm me with questions, if you have some.

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    I would love to view the video but not sure where to find it.
    I went here but am lost. Where do I go?
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    click this

    lul I stream on twitch all the time
  6. Could it be possible that twitch removes broadcasts after a certain amount of time?

    Apparently you need to directly say that you want to keep the videos for a longer amount of time, which I haven't known at that point and hence haven't done it. Thus resulting that those got removed some time ago.

    If enough people would request it, I might do another stream about this and then saving those.
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    I would like to know how to use this API. Could end up being very useful...
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    The problem with Twitch doesn't save broadcasts over a certain amount of time, if you didn't sign up long ago or if you are not premium (like $5/$10 a month). It used to, back a year and more ago, but not anymore.

    You could ask them if they have the file in their archive, which they might. Or post on the TTV forums.

    But as for right now, it's not there, sadly. D; I was there live!
  9. As far as I can see from support tickets, you need to directly say that you'd like to keep the video, or it'll get removed rather quick (see my last post).

    Like I also said, if more people request it to do it (again) I would do it.
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    I +1 re-doing it! :D
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    If not, hit my PM box telling me what you know about it and i will do it =D
    Plus would be awesome to have on the wiki.
  12. Well then. Since I now have summer holidays *Yaay!* I'm pretty sure I can do this again. Just to be sure, I would upload the final video to youtube as well so it'll definitely be available later.

    I hope I still got my example project laying around somewhere which would be nice so I don't need to redo it again.
    The time will probably be around the same, maybe a bit later if that's better for you (so about 3PM EST). It'll probably also take place on the weekend so you don't miss it because of work/school like I might've been the reason last time. I might be able to do it on this sunday already but I don't wanna fix it to that day.
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  13. kumpelblase2 Will be looking forward to it, never used the Conversations API before :)
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    kumpelblase2 Can't wait for it! I think this will help many people out. I know that i don't the java docs on it =P
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    Ooh yes please. But I would rather have a recorded version:)
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    Weekends definitely work for me; I'm intrigued to learn about this :D
  17. hope you can make 1 whitin 1 day, I almost go to holiday, less than 48 hour left
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    So the 21st? That works for me. The 22nd Also works for me.
  19. for my its the 22th actually, but the last day on me pc is the 21th, hoping he wil make it on time still
  20. As you might've noticed, I wasn't able to do it today. I'm pretty sure, I can do it tomorrow though.

    So, 22th July, 3 PM EST. Same place: This time it'll get recorded for sure and it'll be available on the channel on twitch as well as on my youtube channel which I'm going to post when the video is up there. Prepare yourself with some coffee and cookies and I'll see you there!

    ferrybig : Sorry, but you'll probably need to watch the recorded video after you get back home. If the questions you might have don't get asked or weren't answered in the stream, feel free to pm me here. Same applies for everyone who isn't able to watch the stream.
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    Great! I'll be there!
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    You there? Or did I get the time wrong? (I suck at time conversions)
  23. Sorry, private issues here. Gonna get this started as soon as possible.
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    No problem! It was a great stream, thank you!
  25. Good to hear that :)!

    For all of those who might've though that I just forgot it and went away and hence not watching the stream, I'm sorry. I wasn't about to do much about it and I wasn't able to expect such a thing yesterday when I was announcing it. But yeah, you can see it on my channel already and tomorrow on my youtube channel.

    If you have questions feel free to ask me via pm or tag me in a thread/post on the forums.
    Anyways, have a great sunday and happy coding!


    Wow, is pretty fast. Youtube video is already up!

    Have fun!

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    Long as crap but great man thanks!
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    Favorited! :D
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  28. My videos tend to get a bit long, sorry. I just like to explain things even more than once just to be sure every one understood it.
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    How would i allow the users to edit a file and have these rules be displayed to the player and then it asks the player questions. What i need is how to have a file and read it and implement it.

    Please and Thank you!
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