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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by VergilPrime, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Recently I've bumped into a dilemma with controlling a wolf. I am aware the Plugin Citizens does it successfully but from what I've heard there a bit different. Many People have suggested Using CraftBukkit or re-coding there API.

    As a finial attempt of hope I came here wondering if anyone is aware or knows how to control a wolf already on the server. Posting code or a function to do it would be most appreciable(Really any response would be fantastic).

    I'm hoping to be able to control a wolf without the need for NPC(Citzens) or any plugin with that can control a wolf easily.

    ProjectBarks(VergilPrime's Assistant)
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    Deleted user

    Uhm haha.. you need to be more specific. Controlling a wolf? Making it aggressive, making it move to a location, changing its owner, changing its age? Be more specific please. Kind of a vague question.
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    I think he wants to set its location to walk to.
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    I know bukkits API doesnt cover it but Im looking for anything to get the job done.

    Also I didnt clarify that I wanted to set the location for a wolf to walk
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    Deleted user

    Can I suggest using the ControlableMobs API?
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    This is exactly what I needed Thanks so much
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