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    Plugin Name: ControlPoint

    What I Want: I want a minigame that there are 3 teams red green and blue which spawn in a arena at their team locations then they run out and fight with 3 control points to capture all a round the map which are custom named when setting up a arena when a player stands in a selected region all the wool in the region changes after 5 seconds into the teams colour.
    Every second the number of contorl points a team has there score goes up by 1. When there score reachs a configurable amount the game ends.

    Player Commands:
    /cp join <arenaname> [Join A Arena]
    /cp leave [Leave A Arena]
    Mod/Staff Commands:
    /cp start <arenaname> [Start A Arena]
    /cp stop <arenaname> [Stop A Arena]
    Admin Commands:
    /cp create <arenaname> [Creates A Arena]
    /cp setspawn <teamcolour> <arenaname> [Sets The Spawn For A Team]
    /cp setcp <controlpoint> <arenaname> [Sets A Control Point (Requires WorldEdit Selection)]
    /cp delcp <controlpoint> <arenaname> [Deletes A Control Point]
    /cp setwin <pointlimit> <arenaname> [Sets the Win Limit For A Game]
    Kit Commands:
    /cp createkit <kitname> [Opens A Chest GUI Which You Place The Armour And Weapons That Class Has]
    /cp deletekit <kitname> [Deletes A Kit]
    /cp editkit <kitname> [Edit A Kit]

    When player join the lobby they get a emerald name "Control Point Class Selector" when right clicked this opens a chest GUI with all the kits in click a kit and that the one they will have in the game.

    controlpoint.player [Join, Leave and use signs]
    controlpoint.class.<kitname> [Permission to use a specific kit [VIP kits and so on]
    controlpoint.staff [All Staff Commands]
    contorlpoint.admin [All Admin Commands]
    contorlpoint.kit [Edit and Create Kits]
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    #TheCore ;)
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    It is different though
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    Not to be rude but...
    1. #MineplexDominate
    2. This is not relevant, but I just must point it out. "4 teams red green and blue" Erm, yeahh....
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    There is more than 1 server with A Control Point minigame so its not my problem

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