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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TQ1000, Jan 24, 2021.

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    Plugin Category: Fun / pvp

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.4

    So I noticed there doesn't really seem to be any up to date Control Point (and KOTH) plugins so I thought I'd suggest it here.

    How it would work:
    Server owners would be able to set one or multiple control points in a map, and 2 teams (or maybe more) would compete through pvp to control them all at the same time. If a player from one team is standing in one of the control points, they would take control of it after a few seconds, and it would be faster the more players from that team are in it. If a player from another team is standing in it, the claiming would be paused. A team would win by controlling all the control points. The winning team would be announced in chat. The plugin would also show the stats from the game (top kills, top claim time...) at the end of the game.
    It should probably be started through a command, and would require a way for players to join the game. I'd imagine players would start with kits.

    You'd probably want to give server owners the possibility to set a few things, like:
    - The time it takes to claim a control point
    - Which control points are part of which game
    - Player cap per game, and min player count
    - Time before game starts
    - Maybe the possibility to start the game through multiple options like command, timer, player count on server... But that feels like a lot of work
    - Possibly an option to store players inventories and give them back after the game, but also seems like a lot of work

    Ideas for commands:
    Admin commands:
    /cp create <game> - Create a game, ready to add regions
    /cp define <region> <game> - Define a region, using custom methods OR worldedit
    /cp setgame <game> - Set which game the control point is part of
    /cp teamadd <game> <colour> - Add a team to a game, using vanilla colours
    /cp teamspawn <game> <team> - Define the spawn point of a team
    /cp start <game> <maxtime> - Start the game - Give maybe 1 min or so for people to join, and broadcast it | Requires at least one control point, and two teams to be set (spawnpoints can be optional)
    /cp end <game> - End a game prematurely

    Player commands:
    /cp join <game> - Join a game, defines a random team (while making them equal)

    Ideas for permissions:
    cp.admin.create - permission to create a game, define the regions and which game they're in, adding teams and their spawnpoints
    cp.admin.start - permission to start and stop games
    cp.join - permission to join a game

    I don't particularly need this plugin, but it would be quite a nice addition for my server, and I'm sure others could use it too. Therefor there is no required by date.

    I've probably forgotten some details about how it should work, in which case let me know! :)
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