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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by seema, Jul 1, 2020.

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @seema Aren't there other plugins that do this? As you linked a project from 2016 that has no description.
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    Unfortunately there is no other plugin with these functions.
    I was referring primarily to the spawn strategy.

    You can see it here:

    Of course there are some home/spawn plugins but no equivalent.

    Actually, I don't need any new features. Only a maintained plugin.
    The plugin has some bugs.
    For example, it no longer creates databases. It only works if you have created a database on an older version.
    But also much more (wrong messages, wrong home strategys, some errors etc).
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @seema Why not request a plugin how you want it? Without pointing to a different plugin?
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    Why reinvent the wheel when there are already good wheels that just need some love?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Because this one needs a whole lot of love.
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    Maybe someone with a lot of love can be found?
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    @seema This plugin has an extremely outdated version of Bukkit API. I'm sure someone can figure it out, however they would need some prior knowledge of 1.8 Bukkit. Or at least 1.7 maybe even 1.6. If they were to try and update the plugin to 1.16, they would need to update 1.8 -> 1.9, 1.9 -> 1.12, 1.12 -> 1.13, 1.13 -> 1.14, and finally 1.14 -> 1.15 and maybe 1.15 -> 1.16. I'm not a very advanced Bukkit Dev, but that is pretty much how this plugin will go about. Especially since it hooks into an old version of World Guard, an old version of Vault, and a very old version of Essentials. Mind you, not EssentialsX, Essentials when that was around. At least I believe it is Essentials and not EssentialsX. So what tim means is:
    1. The Bukkit dev will have to COMPLETELY recode the plugin since:
    * The plugin is updating 5 maybe 6 times.
    * The updates are required due to how complex the plugin is.
    * There are so many features it's extremely complex + old/not managed code.
    2. A complete rework of the API hook-ins AND rework of the plugin is required.
    * If you haven't noticed, there are many, MANY versions of Vault. I think this plugin is using version 1.2 maybe 1.4. To update to 1.16 version 1.7 is required. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it seriously is. It is a huge issue as Vault has advanced a lot in the past 5 years.
    * The newest version of WorldGuard doesn't work in 1.8 for a good reason. New blocks have to be taken into consideration and so does how the API works.

    All in all, this is an extremely difficult plugin to update. Complex plugins like these require "a lot of love" as tim said to update/reconfigure. You are better off requesting small plugins that meet your needs. Here is a way you can accomplish a large plugin with little ones:
    1. Request a plugin that uses a MySQL database with different properties. For example:
    WorldGuard | Feature1 | Feature2
    true                    5                  <some_uuid>
    2. Request another small plugin that manages Feature1. For example, maybe it's the amount of homes the player has. The developer will have a much easier time calling the number 5 and managing that small number.

    That way, your small plugins will work together in order to accomplish a large task. This can be helpful in other situations. For example, if you don't want to hire a dev but rather get a free one-time Spigot dev, you can use this method and then request another plugin that changes the small fine details using the database.

    Hope this helps!
    Note: I am in no way an advanced Bukkit dev so I might have messed up some features that I mentioned.
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    Hi! If you need some home features i would recommend you my pluguin, PerWorldHomes, it doesnt support /spawn. The link is here:
    Maybe in time i will do a spawn plugin, but not right now, unfortunately there isn't another plugin like this one.
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    On a side note PerWorldHomes is a great plugin lol. I highly suggest it :p I use it on my Factions server.
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    I only use plugins which are on github. But thanks for the information (it probably has too few features for me).
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