ContDownTimer : sign and redstone

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    Hi !
    Are you able to make a such plugin ? (Countdown)

    1_I create a signe with L1 : [CDTimer] ; L2 : 300
    2_And I place a redtone poder on one each side of the sign and a pressure plate on one side.
    3_If the sign is activated by redstone, the count down starts.
    4_When the woundown timer is finish (300 seconds in this example), the sign activates (5) the other redstone with a redstone signal.

    Thanks :)
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    please help me :(
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    You might want to clarify. You want a sign that activates via redstone after a timer? what would activating the sign do?
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    Thanks :)
    YES ! And when the sign is activated after the timer :
    I will do a big door and the redstone will open it ! Something like that ! (I have to do several doors and messages which alert platyers)

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