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    Have you ever wanted to know when a plugin logs a command, an exception, or just wanted to beautify the logs?

    The ConsoleLogEvent library is a useful tool for developers of the SpigotMC/BukkitAPI platform.

    In a nutshell, it creates a new Event, the ConsoleLogEvent, where listening plugins can modify, or even cancel the logging of messages to the console.

    The plugin is only tested with 1.12, however, it is likely to work with your version of Bukkit, so please try it.

    Please note: This only works when messages are logged with the Logger.


    The lib is set-up much like any other lib, here are the various methods it can be set-up:
    • Add the following to your plugin.yml:
       depend: [ConsoleLogEvent] 
    • Modify source and insert it directly into plugin.
    • Save the JAR inside the plugin and use a resource like this to extract it autonomously.


    The Event is listened to like any other bukkit event, with
    public void onLog(ConsoleLogEvent event){
        //Your awesome code here!
    Here's a list of methods present for you to use.


    Source code may be viewed at

    Latest updates are available at <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
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