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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Semirotta, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. This:

    Why is this spamming all the time in my console? It's been like this since 1.6.1. No issues in 1.5.2.
    I must say, not all plugins are up to date but they seem to work. I have tried updating all I can but the developers seem to be effing slow doing so.

    Plugins (34): WorldBorder, bPermissions, PayCraft, LinksOnSigns, PTweaks, WorldEdit, MinersInsanity, Vault, HealthBar, StaffOnline, Crates, WorldGuard, SilkSpawners, SemiRPG, MCPacks, MChat, Shopkeepers, UnhealthyDeath, LimitedCreative, RpgTrades, CrystalCraft, ZavAutoMessager, ProtocolLib, RandomTP, MobName, MakeYourOwnCommands, Essentials, AncientGates, ShowCaseStandalone, OtherDrops, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsAntiBuild, BKCommonLib, AntiCheat

    Some plugins for example:
    StaffOnline, ShowCaseStandalone, RandomTP, InactiveLockette etc.
    are still outdated but should not cause issues

    Anyone has any ideas is it the bukkit or a plugin causing it? and like I said, this NEVER occurred in 1.5.2
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    seems you are spamming a command into the console without even knowing.
  3. No shit?...That's why I would LOVE to find out what the hell is causing this. I don't even have a plugin which would automatically make command to happen or such. I have no idea what causes this and I have no darn time to go 1 by 1 these plugins through right now, way too busy with work & incoming school stuff.
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    Could a command block do this?
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    Some AutoMessage plugins automatically send a command.
    ZavAutoMessager is probably at fault here. You should check the configuration for automatically sending commands for the console to perform - commands that don't work.
    MakeYourOwnCommands looks very suspicious to me as well...

  6. Commandblock DOES send something also. I remove the commandblock from but the issue remains. Is there something about command blocks in plugin files like worldguard,edit or such?

    ZavAutoMessager has no commands to send automatically and it has not done this before. The developer said it does not need an update to 1.6.* and the MakeYourOwnCommands just allows me to do /help <- it will send a link for server help text etc. this issue was and remains after MakeYourOwnCommands was added. (Added it yesterday, issue has been since 1.6.1)
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    ive seen it a few times on a server/GUI crash. did it ever crashed?
  8. It has never crashed, also this spam started after updating / moving to 1.6.1. It was never before.


    Obviously now the spaming ended, don't know why. Updated couple of plugins and also turned the command blocks to false.
  9. 18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] SEVERE null
    18.07 15:12:40 [Server] INFO Using inbuilt NmsBlock for this version.
    18.07 15:11:18 [Multicraft] semirotta ran command Message of the Day

    It started again, where i can remove NmsBlock? is it the worldedit? they have folder for it i think
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