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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Remi_Scarlet, Aug 4, 2012.

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    So I've been googling for a bit now and all I can seem to find on the subject are dead threads or complaints about the logging and color code symbols. So my console at the moment looks like this

    As you can see, my console message itself shows red and a plugin's message is correctly colored purple. In-game, it appears more like this:

    We're running currently running on ubuntu and I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. It was working perfectly fine a few days ago. We did move to a better rig but I don't think changing computers caused it, since it's not like our current OS/whatever doesn't support colors (After all, some colors do get through normally)

    Plugin list:

    (And yes. The plugins list colors work as well... but not the chat colors)
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    The chat colors dont work for chat with me, i dont think its supposed to do that. Because other things are colored for me, such as anticheat messages and /say and bpermission stuff and all. But i may be wrong.
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    They used to work for me like... less than a week ago so I'm not sure. It was working for me on R4 and suddenly it stopped working one day, so I tried to see if updating would work and it still doesn't so...
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