Problem/Bug [Connectivity Issue] Using No-IP is causing no-one to be able to connect to my server.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by _Scythe_, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Don't want to waste anybody's time.

    I got No-IP to sorta mask my IP and so it is easier to remember, people can connect to my IP just fine, but when I add this, people can't connect.

    ( do I need to portforward No-IP? or is it derping out.


    This is a screenshot showing that the port is open.

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    The screenshot it not working.

    Yes, you do have to make sure you port-foward.

    Are you sure the "NoIP" connection opens the "25565" port? If not, then you would have to add the port (E.g. Server.noIP:25566)
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