Connection Time Out for anybody trying to connect to server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Drunken_Platypus, Jun 6, 2011.

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    well i did but it doesent work, does the fact that i have a peice of crap lap top have something to do with it?
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    Same issue. Nothing that I read above helps.

  3. You're not alone Waffle.

    I've asked the admins of the site and they said to check your firewall. I did this initially, along with many other tweaks, and it worked. Unfortunately, the problem resurfaced within a day.
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    ok but once I get to the firewall, what do I do?
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    the number one reason that I can tell for servers not working after they already worked, is they don't have a static IP setup on there server. Static means your IP doesn't change. Here I'll see if I can explain it to you in some better terms.

    everyones computer has a specific IP address, like a home address. Your router has a DNS server built into it that gives out these IP addresses, but the lease only has about a day. SO look at it this way in a real life setting.

    Your the computer. You rent a room, with a specific address and a specific room. But you only need it for a night. In the morning you move out and go out and about. At night you come back to the same hotel or what not, and you rent another room. But this doesn't guarantee that your going to get the same address.

    Its the exact same thing for your computers IP address. Once you shut off your computer, it loses its Ip address. Once it restarts, it gets a new one from the router. So your IP address is changing from day to day. Now there is a way to set a static IP address, meaning it doesn't change, your computer will always have this address. Its done through your router. But first we should check to make sure that the problem before proceeding.

    Most of your can connect using the local host input in the client. Try this and see what happens.

    one your server: Go to Start, then go to Run (windows 7 and windows vista its the search bar in the start menu) type in cmd and press enter, type in ipconfig press enter, now what your looking for is the ipv4 address. This is your computers IP address, this is what you need right here in order to connect locally if your on the same network. You also need this address for port forwarding.

    Start up your server, start up your client. Now go into your multiplayer and type in your IP address that you just found out of your server. This should connect, if it doesn't, then its going to be a firewall problem. Lets do that next.

    Depending on your windows, Windows firewall will block a lot of ports and programs from being able to access different parts of the internet and the computer. The easiest way to test to make sure its your firewall blocking access to mine craft is to turn the fire wall off. Go into your computers control panel and then look for firewall. Go into it, and there will be a button to turn it off. Now that your firewall is off, look for your antivirus program. A lot of antivirus programs come with there own firewalls, and they'll can't the things that windows firewalls sometimes let through. Turn that off too. Restart your server.

    Now try and connect, LOCALLY. This method will work as long as your connected to the local network that the server is on. Not if your trying to connect outside of the network. This is to test whether or not this is port, firewall or static IP problems.
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    It still doesen't work, this is really getting frustrating and does the fact that I have a really crappy lap top have something to do with it?!?!?!?!?!?! When I use my ipv4 to connect it works on my computer, then I tried disabling the firewalls but it still did'nt work.
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    Ok this should be fun, have you forwarded your ports correctly?
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    lol, I went into Firewall : Allow Programs and it turned out my firewall wasn't letting anyone connect to my server. So once I changed that it worked.
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    We also have this problem on our server.
    This does not come from plugins, not the mysql database when used Bukki.
    We think of a flaw that would Bukkit freezer the game was an anomaly or read / write during the backup chunk or player by several different threads.

    But we really do not track, any error in the console, just timeout and the impossibility of typing a command quelquonque even in the console.

    We will try another server in the hope that the problem Aurelius, we have no alternative.
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