Connection lost failed to login bad login?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rabby, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Hi i made a minecraft server yester day and i can play on it all fine i portforwaded it all and when my freidns tries to join it says Connection lost failed to login bad login or something im using the legit minecraft and he uses a "fake" so if any one can try to join heres the ip or if u get it to work please tell me wich ip and if u have the real or "fake" minecraft lancher ps: sorry for my bad english

    Help me and get [cake] :3
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    Your friend needs to buy the game...
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    oh ok but isnt there a way so we both can play multi player together?
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    Change online-mode to false in
    Be aware that offline mode is dangerous, as it allows a user to log in to the server with any username -- including yours -- and get the same inventory and powers as the player with the username.
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    Went i join server the server say Connection lost failed to login bad login.please help [cake]
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    i guess, you followed steps from youtube. But what all the videos dont say is that as your friend is "playing" on your computer too. Windows firewall stops him, so you need to disable your firewall. I suggest you to have only opened minecraft because if you are connected to Mozila, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer someone could "brake in your computer". (sorry for my bad english, i m from Argentina)
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