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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jiinxx6, May 7, 2012.

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    Hello, im fairly new to bukkit, and i set up a server today, though after i got everything built, i gave out the ip and nobody could join, i have port-forwarded, but only i can join, :

    PS: it is supposed to be "online mode = false"

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    Setting server IP is never good, setting it to a local IP (ex. 192.168.x.x) is worst case... just leave it blank like this:
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    Ok i did that, thankyou for fast reply,

    how will people connect? my computer ip? or the same one?
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    Not necessarily. I set my server IP in the properties file and haven't had any issues. If it's not meant to be used, why is there at all?

    Jiinxx6: Assuming you have port forwarded in your router control panel, have a look at the wiki: Players will connect using the IP displayed here
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    Yup i have portforwarded the port 25565

    i will take a look now :)
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    Then players should be able to connect using the IP displayed on the link above (the word "here" is the link to displaying your outside IP), assuming firewall's have either been turned off or set to allow the connection
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    Ok, i told my bro to connect to the ip that link said, it still says "no connection" where the green bars should be on the multiplayer screen, also the firewall was not off when i tested that, so i shall go test it with it off.

    you sir/mam are amazing. <3

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