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    What I want: I need a plugin where all or none blocks can be made flammable. By default, in config.yml, a whitelist would include was is normally flammable — wooden planks, log, leaves, etc. This whitelist could be expanded (e.g. add cobblestone with its id on the whitelist and it would thus become flammable.) I hope I've explained enough.

    Ideas for commands: None needed.

    Ideas for permissions: None needed.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.


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    You need to wait at least 12 hours before bumping.
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    Can I nickname you "The requests sheriff"
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    I stop these dang'd outlaws of Bukkit. They'd be bumping too much!
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    Thanks so much, Sheriff. You have earned your badge...


    Now, can ANYONE HELP ME??
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    Are you in the Team Rick_Ace?
    If you are, As Co-Leader of the Sheriff, [​IMG]sorrry
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    Putting Bukkit criminals like myself behind bars deserves a badge, no? ;D
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    Jut as a reminder.... try not to toss this thread off the freeway.
    Feel free to continue np98765 's nickname in the off topic section.
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    I am trying. -_- Now, I repeat, can anyone help me with this plugin?
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    Just gonna say, no one will want to help an impatient caps lock boy :\
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    Please help me, I need this plugin as soon as possible. I know plugins don't make themselves, but I would at least like some people to take notice of my request.

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