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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Giorgio, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I would like to generate a string per person when they join the server. For instance when a player say "John" Joins a server, he will be added to the config.yml of the plugins folders. Already generated the the strings, but nothing set into them. Example of what i mean as in strings is like:


    Friends: Mary, Any, So on and so forth
    Quote: I like girls
    Rep: 6
    Sex: Male
    Skype: John Brown

    Something like this is what i would like to be generated in the config.yml when a player joins the server, without the input like "Male" or "John Brown". If you don't understand what i mean please do ask for more information, No smart asses please and thank you

    NOTE: I'm a Visual Learner, Something i grew up with.
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    To do something like that:
    this.getConfig().set(player.getName+".Friends", listOfFriendsVariable);
    The period adds the indentation, and therefore the heirarchy
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    Ok, and do you perpaps know how to recall the information stored into the config.yml? For instants when someone times /friendsof John. It will go into the config.yml and grab all the information after the path.
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    If you don't know much about this, there is a page on the bukkit wiki about this.
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