[CONFIG] Bukkit Recipe Creator (v0.5.3) [1.7 support and new textures]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by DerEchteNexus, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I just realized, that i put the wrong language files into the zip, it should say "Ignore Damage:" instead of "null"^^
    If you redownload from the same link, it should be fixed ;)
  2. - and it is. Fixed that is !
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    Quick question what does the shapeless and delay function do?
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    for ex. you are trying to create a recipe: 1 dirt = 1 stone
    at MCRC you place the dirt in the middle of the craftinggrid.
    now the player have to place the dirt in the middle too, when he want create a stone. But if u put shapless on he can place the dirt everywhere in the grid.

    delay? i wanna know that too...

    im trying to change the number of the result of a recipe but i cant!
    that occurs after pressing the "New"button! When u get back to the first recipe and then try to change it, go back again to the second recipe and then go back to the first one: it rechanged!
    win7 32bit
    edit: after opening a .mcrs with a lot of custom recipes i'm not able to change the result of any new one.
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    The Delay was only used by cookbook ;)

    And I'll take a look at the errors^^

    I've also found two other errors:

    -The duplicate button doesnt duplicate the results damage
    -mcrc files are a little bit buggy if you save it witg a "Map" ib a recipe

    (0.5.2)Nwxt update will be a bugfixing update
    (0.5.3)This version will add furnace support
    (0.5.4)This will get a little bit optimisation

    And then...

    Yeah, whats then??
    Maybe 1.0(final)?
    I think I'll also add an option to change the layout ;)

    So,if you have any other suggestions, tell me now!
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    Customcrafting file-import?
    danke für diese geniales Hilfstool :)
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    Yeah I planned it for the smelting update^^
    just forgot to write it on the list xD

    Achja, kein Ding, freut mich wenn es anderen hilft ;)
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    Oh, so it means it can be crafted anywhere, Ok thanks :)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @Taranis01 – That description of shaped vs shapeless is incorrect. A shaped recipe consisting of a single dirt can be crafted by placing the dirt anywhere in the grid. This is different from a shaped recipe consisting of dirt in the middle and eight blank spaces around the edges – such a recipe only works when the dirt is in the middle. The key difference in a shapeless recipe is that it doesn't matter how you arrange the ingredients, so if you have two different ingredients, you can put them anywhere you want. A shaped recipe is a grid of ingredients; for a given shaped recipe there are only one or two ways to craft it (flipping the recipe horizontally automatically works as well). A shapeless recipe is merely a list of ingredients.

    Cookbook didn't support recipes smaller than 3x3, and I don't think it supported true shapeless recipes, so your confusion is understandable, but that's the definition actually used by Minecraft.
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    Here it is: :p
    Show Spoiler

    dummy: "Sphax";

    title: "Créateur de recettes Minecraft";

    menu_file: "Fichier";
    menu_open: "Ouvrir";
    menu_save: "Sauver";
    menu_saveas: "Sauver sous...";
    menu_import: "Importer";
    menu_export: "Exporter";
    menu_exit: "Quitter";
    menu_html: "Fichier HTML";
    menu_cb: "Fichier Cookbook";
    "Fichier CustomCrafting";
    button_new: "Créer";

    button_del: "Suppr.";
    button_dupe: "Dupliquer";

    shapeless: "Sans forme ";
    blocks: "Blocs";
    items: "Items";
    name: "Nom";
    selected: "Sélection";
    delay: "Délais";

    newrecipe: "Nouvelle recette";

    type_def: "Fichiers recettes";
    type_cb: "Fichiers recettes Cookbook";
    type_cc: "Fichiers recettes CustomCrafting";

    file_load: "Charger recettes...";
    file_save: "Sauver recettes...";
    file_imp_cb: "Importer recettes Cookbook...";
    file_imp_cc: "Importer recettes CustomCrafting...";
    file_exp_cb: "Exporter recettes Cookbook...";
    file_exp_cc: "Exporter recettes CustomCrafting...";
    rec_type_sm: "Recettes au four";
    rec_type_cr: "Recettes de construction";
    rec_type_sh: "Recettes de mélanges";
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    good job, but "ignoredmg" is missing^^
    I will resize the "Delete" button for the french language, so that "Suprimer" will fit on it ;)

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    Celtic Minstrel

    1. Update for 1.7, please?
    2. Some features seem to have vanished. For example, the "plugins" feature doesn't work since 0.5.0 (I ended up downloading 0.5.0 so I could use a plugin to add 1.7 items). [EDIT: I just thought, why don't you eliminate the default item sets and instead ship MCRC with two plugins for the default blocks and items?]
    3. I'd love to see the source code.
    4. With the CustomCrafting plugin, at least, there is a difference between "this space must be empty" and "I don't care what's in this space". I don't see a way to make that distinction.
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    1. Yeah, working on it^^
    2. Oh, I didn't know about that :confused:, it will be fixed in 0.5.3[With the last update for 1.6, it came into my mind too, and I think I'll do that^^]
    3. I think I'll release the sourcecode with 1.0, because it's kinda messy right now(It was the first thing I've ever writen in Java :D), and the comments are in german ;)
    4. I can't get, what you mean with that... =P

    Now I get, what you mean with 4., and I've to say, that I hadn't find any other way, since it was originally made for cookbook...
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yes, that distinction doesn't occur with Cookbook because it assumes all recipes must be 3x3, which is not the case. However, if you have the following CustomCrafting config file:

      Result: 5
      - [17]
      Result: 5
      - [0, 0, 0]
      - [0,18,0]
      - [0, 0, 0]
    Then Recipe2 will only apply if the input is placed in the centre of the crafting grid and cannot be made in the internal crafting, whereas for Recipe1 you can place the ingredient anywhere and it'll work in the internal 2x2 crafting grid.
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    yeah, I already figured out what you mean, but I can't think of a suitable way, to implement this in the recipe creator :/
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Implement a pseudo-item with ID -1 meaning "not part of the recipe". Then when exporting as a Cookbook file you just replace all those with 0's, but when exporting as a CustomCrafting file you look for full rows of -1 or full columns of -1 and, if found, skip them. And then replace any remaining -1's with 0's.

    That's easier to describe than it is to implement, granted, but it should do the job. Finding empty rows would be easy.

    Another, unrelated request... would it be possible to allow for 32x32 item graphics rather than 16x16? That way the actual item slot graphics can be used for blocks.
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    Hi, I dont really understand this :( Sorry, but when I open the .jar, I get this error

    The system cannot find message text for message number 0x2350 in the message fil
    e for Application.

    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\James\Desktop\MCRC v0.5.2>
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    like that? :D

    and with the "-1 thing", I think that could be a little bit confusing for the normal user :confused:

    @Po1ntBlank :
    Never heard about this error, can't tell you what to do :/
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yup! :D Did you use the item graphics that are included with my Python script or make your own? Just curious. :p

    Possibly. Another idea might be to have two checkboxes to the left of the bottom two rows of the crafting grid, and two checkboxes above the right two columns, which when unchecked mean "ignore this row". That would handle it for shaped recipes, and for shapeless it's probably simplest to just have a checkbox saying "can craft in 2x2 grid" which is disabled if you have more than four items in the grid, and then ignore empty slots completely when writing it out except to ensure that the total number of slots is >4 if the box is unchecked.
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    Nope, I used the Block sprites from this site^^: http://www.minecraftdatavalues.com/

    Your idea for the recipe size is very nice ;)
    I had the idea to make a drop-down box, that lists all recipe sizes^^

    I would implement your idea instantly, but there is one problem: there are already so many checkboxes and radiobuttons =(

    I have to think about, which way I'll go...

    But it will take a while till the next update comes out, because I want to rewrite the "core" of the program, to make it more object oriented and I have to update my Minecraft mod now :p
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    Celtic Minstrel

    There are nine possible recipe sizes for shaped, and two for shapeless. If listing all recipe sizes is what you want to do, that seems sufficient to me.
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    D'oh, that it was a lot of work to make the program use Objects, and not 21 different arrays(9 for ingredient IDs, 9 for ingredient damages, 1 for the result IDs, 1 for the result quantities and 1 for the result damages), but it has corrected a huge bug(no one had noticed it yet, I think? :p, The program crashes if you create more than 1024 recipes xD)
    also the amount of RAM used, should be lowered now^^

    I think I'll add an option like "AutoCut" which automatically cuts the recipe, to the smallest possible shape.
    And only if "AutoCut" is disabled(by default it will be enabled) it will diplay the drop-down box with all the sizes^^
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    I'm sorry, but how do I use this? I tried putting it in the Bukkit plugins folder, and putting it in it's own folder, but it doesn't work. I get severe errors on bukkit and when I try to launch the .jar by itself, the console just flashes and that's it.
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    It's not a plugin. You can use it to make custom recipes for the Cookbook and CustomCrafting plugins.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    What you're supposed to do is just launch the jar by itself. If that's not working, I'm not sure what the problem could be. Note that you'd need to run it on your computer; if the minecraft server is running on a network server, you can't run this from there. So... are you on Windows, or...?
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    When exporting to CustomCrafting all recipes have a line:
    DataValues: DerEchteNexus

    I'm using english as my language - in addition I'm guessing this shouldn't be added.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    No, it's necessary due to the odd way CustomCrafting works. It requires that the DataValues key exists but doesn't actually use it for anything.
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    Ahh yah I understand now. Just looks odd when it's output is in non-localized language.
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    yup, it's just my nick, since "DataValues" value doesn't matter^^
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