[CONFIG] Bukkit Recipe Creator (v0.5.3) [1.7 support and new textures]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by DerEchteNexus, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    Wait, what? How?

    Just tried it, and it looks fairly nice, except...
    ...it's not resizable. :(

    I didn't test functionality. I'm assuming that works. :p

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    I looked into the HTML files, that were created by your script, and saw that it's pretty simple.
    And since the Recipe Creator already knows the item names etc., I just wrote a Java-Class, that creates a HTML file(You can see it, because the alt-names of the block/item pics are these in the Item1.5.db file) and as of yet, the amount of the result slot is not supported(I haven't find out yet how that works :p ).

    I think it's more comfortable for those people, who doesn't have Python installed, and also it makes other features possible(e.g. displaying recipe names on top of the recipes) =D

    Ooh, that looks horrible >.<
    I promise, that I'll fix it^^
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Ah, so basically you rewrote the HTML export and are only using my folder for the images and possibly the CSS. <_<

    If you want to know how it works, you should probably look at the code, not the HTML output. Showing the result count was done by linking the digits image but trimming it with CSS so that only a single digit was visible, for example.

    It kinda sounds like the Export HTML option isn't as flexible as the actual recipe viewer that I wrote, then... do you support the JavaScript animations, for example?
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    Oh I thought, that this wouldn't be a problem for you :/
    If you don't want that, I'll remove the feature.

    But It's more comfortable for the ones that haven't python installed. And as I said, my version of the script could add things like names and maybe some other stuff into the HTML file(in a future update)...

    No, not as of yet, but it's merely a problem with the implementation of the x-damage. I don't have any idea, how to display it in the Recipe Creator. (btw: maybe you or someone else have a good idea for that^^?)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Well, my point is kinda that you didn't actually make this program support my Python script. Instead, you wrote your own HTML exporter in Java which relies on the CSS and templates that I used. It's not a problem; I don't mind you rewriting my script, or writing your own to do a similar thing, and I don't even mind you making use of the CSS, JavaScript, and images that are included with the Python script. (The images aren't even mine anyway.) However, it's a) a little misleading to say it supports my script when it really doesn't, and b) a lot more work for yourself to port the Python script to Java.

    If it were me, I would just call the Python script and say that they need Python to run it. Another option would be to use your more limited export function if they lack Python, and call the script if they do have Python. This would require either a way to detect Python, or a way for the user to tell the program where Python lives.
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    Mhm, yeah you're right, I have to see, how I will do that...
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    Dumb question but how do I run this thing? Am I suppose to put it in my craftbukkit plugin folder or something?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    If you're wondering how to call the Python script, it'd be in java.lang.Runtime I think, or possibly System.

    If you're wondering how to detect that Python is installed, I have no idea if there's a foolproof method. On Linux/Mac it would be quite easy — just run the shell command 'which python', and grab the output through a pipe; if it's empty, Python is not installed; otherwise, Python is installed at that location, and then you could go on to run 'python -V' to check the Python version and so forth. On Windows, however, I doubt there is a simple method. I think the best thing to do would be to expose a way for the user to tell your program where Python is, but also attempt to automatically locate it by, for example, looking in the standard install location.

    I could probably try my hand at writing some code that attempts to detect Python on a Unix system.
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    @<Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> Minstrel[/URL]: Could you try <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> *this*[/URL]
    it should fix the displaying-bug on Macs
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yup, it fixes it.
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    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but is there an installation guide? I tried to launch the .jar file and it just opens and closes cmd.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    You just unzip the archive and double-click the jar. The jar does need all the other included files in order to run.
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    It should create a log-file. Could you post the error, if there is one?
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    Since fullwall will no longer support or update Cookbook, I will add support for the CustomCrafting plugin by nickguletskii in the next update.
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    Could you make a .zip version...?
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    @tdog158 did it, for the new version ;)

    New version also includes multilanguage support, a menu and the new mc 1.6 Items :D
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    great work Nexus!
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    Can't seem to get this to run. Launching the jar just shows the windows thinking cursor for a second and then nothing. No log was generated.
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    Try running it from a command prompt and see what it says.
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    hmm, try to set "debug" to true (in config.mcrc) if you're using v0.5.0, it should create a debuglog.txt file^^
    And also, which OS do you have?
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    Can you make it so it doesn't export data values when they are not needed? This caused a little problem.
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    Please, could you add the block/item ID at the right of the selected block/item and in the tooltip when the cursor rollhover buttons just for information ?

    And, is it possible to support the "any datavalue" feature for Cookbook (the "X") and CustomCrafting ?

    Thanks. :)

    Great tool.

    EDIT1: When I import Cookbook recipes file, nothing happens...
    EDIT2: Also, why do I get a lot of "DataValues: DerEchteNexus" in the exported CustomCrafting recipes file ?

    EDIT3: I've translated the lang file in French, you can find it here (the app doesn't supports special characters):
    Show Spoiler
    dummy: "Sphax";
    title: "Createur de recettes Minecraft";
    menu_file: "Fichier";
    menu_open: "Ouvrir";
    menu_save: "Sauver";
    menu_saveas: "Sauver sous...";
    menu_import: "Importer";
    menu_export: "Exporter";
    menu_exit: "Quitter";
    menu_html: "Fichier HTML";
    menu_cb: "Fichier Cookbook";
    menu_cc: "Fichier CustomCrafting";
    button_new: "Creer";
    button_del: "Suppr.";
    button_dupe: "Dupliquer";
    shapeless: "Sans forme ";
    blocks: "Blocs";
    items: "Items";
    name: "Nom";
    selected: "Selection";
    delay: "Delais";
    newrecipe: "Nouvelle recette";
    type_def: "Fichiers recettes";
    type_cb: "Fichiers recettes Cookbook";
    type_cc: "Fichiers recettes CustomCrafting";
    file_load: "Charger recettes...";
    file_save: "Sauver recettes...";
    file_imp_cb: "Importer recettes Cookbook...";
    file_exp_cb: "Exporter recettes Cookbook...";
    file_exp_cc: "Exporter recettes CustomCrafting...";
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    Idiot Question of the Day:

    ...how do I run this. I didn't wanna ask this, but I'm COMPLETELY stumped.

    Got it.
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    And thank you, for the translation :D

    Edit: I would include your translation in the next versions, if you add the following lines(translated, of course :p ):

    ignoredmg: "Ignore damage";
    file_imp_cc: "Import CustomCrafting recipes...";
    rec_type_sm: "Smelting Recipe";
    rec_type_cr: "Crafting Recipe";
    rec_type_sh: "Shapeless Recipe";
  25. @nickguletskii the author of CustomCrafting is advising against using lists generated by your mod because of the datavalues causing an issue - any chance of fixing this please ?
    What I have found is that certain recipes I create won't work if 'shaped', using a straight export from your Recipe creator, unless I tweak them manually, but if I change them to 'shapess', they work straight from the box so to speak.
    by the way, I've generated a few lists now and got used to what will work & what won't, so not a major problem, and very nice program by the way. But I thought that since you advertise support for a plugin that is not giving you that support back, I was hoping this was fixable.
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    I don't know what is the issue with the data values. I will look at it closer tomorrow...
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    WTF!?, I updated it a few hours ago, but I forgot to upload it Oo xD
    take a look at the OP in a few minutes, I'll upload 0.5.1 now^^
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    Thanks, hopefully it will patch up the issue for a day. Then I hope that I will be able to patch it up from the plugin itself.
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    It only exports damage, if it's neccessary now
    It should work, if that was the problem

    But I don't have a Bukkit server right now, so I haven't testet it yet^^
  30. Great work - I've just tested recreating my lsit, and problems I had previous are gone. The created list worked 'straight out of the box', no tweaking necessary.
    I noticed the change of layout with the 'null' boxes available now. I assumed that you put a tick on each box where you don't want anything to go on a shaped recipe - anyway, thats what I did, and the recipes worked fine.
    - Many thanks for the update.
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