[CONFIG] Bukkit Recipe Creator (v0.5.3) [1.7 support and new textures]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by DerEchteNexus, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Celtic Minstrel

    Pretty much everything on the forum.
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    Echt cool, danke=)
    AWSOME, thaks=)
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    Am i he only one wanting a mac version :(
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Nope. He did say he'd fix it so it could run in WINE, but then he vanished.
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    V0.3.0 does run in WINE didn't you tried it? ;)
    And I'm currently working on a java-version :p
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    Celtic Minstrel

    No, because you never posted an announcement saying it was available. Surely I can't be expected to notice when the thread's title changes! :p

    Okay, I can confirm that it works. However:
    • It erases the data value from my mob spawners. I imagine it does that for other things too, such as tools.
    • It deletes all the comments from the file and replaces them with "NoName" comments.
    • Loading is slow.
    • It puts @Shaped in front of every recipe despite the presence of default=shapeless.
    • Loading is slow.
    • The item images have a white background instead of grey/transparent.
    • An empty slot is pink instead of just a blank button.
    • All those empty buttons look sad and unwanted. :p
    • The category titles are slightly cut off, likely due to a different font.

    Still, for newcomers who don't want to do anything strange, it looks like a great tool.

    @Tim/Hoopi2 - Provided your Mac is an Intel mac, you can download WINE at winehq.org; it might take a bit of searching to find the Mac version, but it's in there somewhere. If you have a PowerPC Mac, you're probably out of luck, though Darwine may still work if you can find it.

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    I'm using wine, and the latest version, get some error, i'll post it.
    EDIT: Wait, am i supposed to be using the command line one....?
    I'm using this: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

    My error is:

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    Thats a Problem with AutoIt, its a rather slow language, I just wrote it in AutoIt, because I started it in that language as a little tool, only for myself.
    And thats why I'm currently rewriting it in Java(not C++ anymore :p )

    @Tim/Hoopi2: Are you using v0.3.0? The other ones arent working with WINE ;)

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    I'm using 0.3.0 :)


    Turns out it works perfectly. it didn't work before because i didnt have the terrain folder in the same dir as the exe.
    Silly Me, Many Diamonds for you sir( I LOVE THIS )

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    Celtic Minstrel

    And yes, that's the same version of WINE that I am using.
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    I don;t see any items. Just extracted the file with IZArc to my folder in C:\
    Tried running as admin, but that didn't work
    Running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
    Could you please help me?
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    It looks like it cannot load the images in the "terrain\"-folder, is it empty?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Will/have you update(d) for the new items in 1.5? That's power rail, detector rail, and web.
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    I will, I'm working hard on the java version right now.
    The next version will be finished in one or two weeks I think.
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    Yes the terrain folder was empty, I think i extracted it wrong -_-
    Thank you
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    Love the program. Makes it heaps easier to make my recipes.
    Could you add Web to the items in the program? At the moment I am manually changing the recipe to reflect item number 30 after I create it with this program.

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    Yea, I already added the Web and the new Rails in the upcoming version, but its a little bit buggy at the moment, and some features are missing(such as the "Shapeless"-option and importing recipes), because I rewrote the program from scratch in Java.
    The new Version will be much faster, especially for the Linux users.

    Here is a Screenshot ;)
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    Is there a way to use a lava filled bucket and not consume the bucket, such as the cake recipe?

    I want to do a bucket water and a bucket of lava without consuming either bucket giving an Obsidian block.
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    Benjamin Allen

    That's a limitation of the cookbook plugin I believe...

    Actually, it shouldn't consume lava buckets! Just tried it and it keeps the empty bucket! Woo.
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    Sweet thanks
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    HEYHO, new version will be out later today, or tomorrow =D
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yeah, giving the bucket back is now in the Minecraft core for all three types of buckets.
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    Note sure if I've ever really seen anything coded in AutoIt, but anyways.

    Overall this is a pretty nice tool and you have done a good job with it.
    I cannot speak on the usability of the tool is self (as I have no plans to use it)

    But your GUI design is simple and easy to understand and your post layout is well organized.

    Good Job. :)
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    Thank you very much, it's nice to hear that :)

    And by the way, v0.4.0 is out, entirely rewriten in Java =O
    Hope you like it ;)
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    great program, works for me as of today.
    Thanks for doing this :)

    p.s. would you consider doing the same for the furnace.recipies or adding a Tab for it in your current program? That would be aesome :)
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    urgs ... ok, i was way too hasty in reading ... or maybe my glasses had a smudge at this exact position ^^
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    I just added a little new feature in 0.4.1: The plugins... look at the first post, for details :D
    And also, I fixed a little bug, where the data values for the repeater and the bed were switched around^^

    no sorry
    thats a limitation of the minecraft code.
    but maybe its possible in a future minecraft update^^

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    Dominic Heil

    Thanks ...

    You help me very much !!!
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    New version is out:
    Added support for Celtic Minstrel's Cookbook Recipe Viewer, you have to put the "Cookbook-viewer" folder into the plugins folder of the Recipe Creator.
    And Python is not needed for that, yay! =D
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