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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Lazinq, May 11, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Kingdom

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: Kingdom

    What I want:
    A plugin with only a config.yml (I don't care if there are more than this one but this 1 are the most important.) The config.yml file: it starts with this:
    - Kdname1
    you can add as many kingdoms here as you want.

    Than there is a second thing. This that requires WorldGuard. The itemname is the block that can be placed on y1 if it is selected here the location of that Kingdom will automatically be generated on the Scoreboard.
    Kdname1: itemname
    randomname: wool:3
    so there is a type of wool located on y1 somewhere and when you walk above that you will see your scoreboard location change from Unkown(configurable) to randomname.

    Than there is something called influence which you get by being online. This is done by the plugin PlayerPoints. And you can configure this:
    build-cost: ** #amount of influence it costs to build on another land this is done with kingdomblocks(above here).
    break-cost: ** #amount of influence it costs to break on another land this is done with kingdomblocks(above here).
    use-cost: ** #amount of influence it costs to break use something on another land this is done with kingdomblocks(above here). The use materials that are being used should be located down this. (Configurable)
    - ITEM example: door
    - ITEM example: chest etc.

    Chat Format:
    &7[%KingdomWithColor%&7] %KingdomRank%&7%player%: {message}

    KingdomColors are important for the scoreboard. It gives the color of the Kingdom on top of the scoreboard and in the chat.
    Kingdomname: '&3KingdomName' #The &3 is an example.
    Kingdomname: '&3KingdomName' #The &3 is an example.

    Above is the lowest to down Highest
    - speler #lowest, standard
    - ridder1 #promoted once
    - ridder2
    - ridder3
    - hertog
    - koning #highest

    The kingdomranks. I think you guys get this from above ^ This is for the chat format.
    prefix: '&7 '
    prefix: '&7[&fRidder &6I&7] '
    prefix: '&7[&fRidder &6II&7] '
    prefix: '&7[&fRidder &6III&7] '
    prefix: '&7[2Hertog&7] '
    prefix: '&7[6Koning&7] '

    The kill messages also configurable like the the whole plugin.
    kill: '&f%player_rank%&f[%player_kingdom%&f] %player% is verwond door %killer_rank%&f[%killer_kingdom%&f] %killer%'

    Than you have a scoreboard. It has to look like this with custom placeholders.
    title: '&c Informatie '
    - '&7Kingdom'
    - '&f%kingdomName%'
    - ' '
    - '&7Influence'
    - '&f%points%'
    - ' '
    - '&7Online'
    - '&f%online%'
    - ' '
    - '&7Locatie'
    - '&f[%loc%&f]' #Name of the location you are on if it is Unkown ur location says Unknown(configurable otherwise a kingdomname.

    In a kingdom no one can hit each other, they can hit other players. Down here you can locate a kingdom that can hit other players in their kingdom.
    - null

    Than you have a war scoreboard

    title: '&c Oorlog ' #War in my language
    - '&7Duur' #Duration in my language
    - '&f%duur%'
    - ' '
    - '&fDeelnemers: &f%deelnemers%' #Participation in my language
    - '&fGesneuveld: &f%gesneuveld%' #Died in my language
    - ' '
    - '&7Kills'
    kills: '&f%kingdom%: %kills%'
    kothl1: ' '
    kothl2: '&7Koths'
    koth: '&f%koth%: %time%'

    TITLE IN SCREEN with: OORLOG! <-- Big text
    Help je kingdom en vecht mee! <-- smaller text

    TITLE IN SCREEN with: EINDE! <-- Big text
    De oorlog is afgelopen, %kingdom% heeft gewonnen! <-- smaller text

    Staff scoreboard

    title: '&c Staff '
    - '&7Zichtbaar'
    - '&f%zichtbaarheid%' #Vanished or Unvanished
    - ' '
    - '&7GameMode'
    - '&fCreative' #Gamemode the player is currently in.
    - ' '
    - '&7Chat Mode'
    - '&fPublic' #ChatChannel the player is currently talking in.
    - ' '
    - '&7Staff online'
    - '&f%staff_c%'

    kothreward: You also have Koths which you can select using worldedit. These are the rewards.
    item: wood
    amount: 1
    itemData: 0
    name: '&8reward'
    lore: []

    You also have crates which can be gived away by staff. This is just a chest which you can just open in front of you ground/air and you get a reward. that is configured down here.

    - test
    - '1'
    - '1'
    - '2'
    title: '&7Test crate'
    - '&7Test'
    type: wood
    amount: 1
    data: 1
    title: '&7Test reward'
    - '&7Test'
    type: stone
    amount: 1
    data: 1
    title: '&7Test reward'
    - '&7Stoned'

    The kingdom leaderboard. Here you can see the amount of kills the kingdom has. By using a comment. comments are located down here. Done via chat.

    format_top: '&7---------'
    format: '&8%kingdom%: %kills%' #so now there will be 3 middle rows because the kind of small database says there are 3 kingdoms these are the kingdoms located at the top. Even if it has 0 kills its located in the /leaderboards Just all the kingdoms and kills.
    format_bottom: '&7---------'
    database type of all kills.
    kingdom: *
    kingdom1: *
    kingdom2: *

    /stats command. Just shows the statistics of a player by doing /stats or /stats {player}
    format_top: '&7----- statastieken van %player%'
    format_deaths: '&7Deaths: %deaths%'
    format_kills: '&7Kills: %kills%'

    cant_hit_because_ally: '&cJe kan &6%player% &cniet slaan omdat hij een ally is.' #My language once again:)

    Each Kingdom has its own chat channel. If you are in a group/kd you automatically only talk in that chat channel. There are some exceptions
    with a ! mark in front of your message you talk in a channel with Everyone with &7{&fRoleplay&7}&f in front of the chat.
    with a $ mark in front of your message you talk in a channel with Everyone with &7{&cTrade&7}&f in front of the chat.
    with a % mark in front of your message you talk in a channel with Hertog/King/Staff with &7{&6HKM&7}&f in front of the chat.
    with a * mark in front of your message you talk in a channel with Everyone with &7{&cStaff&7}&f in front.

    The player has to get always get a nether_star in slot 4(middle one in hotbar) when he has no kingdom.


    You can be adding something like this here.
    rank: 0
    deaths: 3
    rank: 0
    kills: 1
    deaths: 4
    rank: 0
    deaths: 1

    Ideas for commands:
    /Oorlog Start/Stop #Start a war uses the war scoreboard the automatic time for the war is 3 hours time can be deleted/added with the command down here.

    /Oorlog Addtime/Deltime #Addtime/Removetime from a war.

    /Kspy #Spy through the chatchannels.

    /Kingdom promote USER #Give someone a higher rank in a kingdom

    /Kingdom demote USER #Give someone a lower rank in a kingdom

    /Kingdom setrank USER #Set someones rank in a kingdom.

    /Kingdom setprefix USER #Set someones prefix in a kingdom.

    /Kingdom give USER AMOUNT(for crates) #Give someone a crate

    /Kingdom setkingdom #Set someone inside of a kingdom

    /Kingdom staffmode #Staffmember into staffmode

    /Kingdom setcap #Set a koth using world edit

    /Kingdom kothstart KOTH TIME #Start a koth

    /Kingdom Kothstop KOTH #End a Koth

    /Kingdom tphere #Tp a whole kd towards you

    /Kingdom tp #Tp to someone inside your kingdom

    /Kingdom influenceignore USER #ignore the influence for a player
    skip if too hard.

    /Kingdom Joinchannel #join a chat-channel

    /Kingdom Mute #Mute a chat channel

    /Kingdom unmute #Unmute a chat channel

    /Kingdom hidechannel #For Staff hide either HKM Roleplay Trade

    /Kingdom unhidechannel #Unhide a channel once again

    /Kingdom ally #Ally a kingdom.

    /Leaderboards #See all the kills of the kingdoms.

    /Stats USER #See someones stats. or ur own by doing /stats.

    Ideas for permissions:

    /Oorlog Start/Stop #Kingdom.StartOorlog / Kingdom.StopOorlog

    /Oorlog Addtime/Deltime #Kingdom.Addtime / Kingdom.Deltime

    /Kspy Kingdom.Spy

    /Kingdom promote Kingdom.promote

    /Kingdom demote Kingdom.demote

    /Kingdom setrank Kingdom.setrank

    /Kingdom setprefix Kingdom.setprefix

    /Kingdom give (for crates) Kingdom.give

    /Kingdom setkingdom Kingdom.setkingdom

    /Kingdom staffmode Kingdom.Staffmode

    /Kingdom setcap Kingdom.setcap

    /Kingdom kothstart Kingdom.Kothstart

    /Kingdom Kothstop Kingdom.Kothstop

    /Kingdom tphere Kingdom.Tphere

    /Kingdom tp Kingdom.Tp

    /Kingdom influenceignore Kingdom.influenceignore
    skip if too hard.

    /Kingdom Joinchannel Kingdom.joinchannel

    /Kingdom Mute Kingdom.mute

    /Kingdom unmute Kingdom.unmute

    /Kingdom hidechannel Kingdom.hidechannel

    /Kingdom unhidechannel Kingdom.unhidechannel

    /Kingdom ally

    /Leaderboards Kingdom.leaderboards

    /Stats Kingdom.stats

    When I'd like it by: Take all the time you need please! Dont think anyone will start creating such a difficult thing.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Lazinq Please specify a single Minecraft version that you want this for.
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    I did, my bad
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    Anyone that is willing to make this?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Lazinq Sounds like Towny to be honest
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    Can you do the wool thing with towny?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    It does not, I missed that part.
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    No one? I know its a hard plugin but I thought someone would take the challange during this quarantaine
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    It's not considered a challenge when its 1.8,its a waste of time..
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    Most players still use 1.8.8 due to the pvp difference and if it would take a long time for you it is a challange

    Maybe someone will make it
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    I'm pretty sure plugins exist to revert the PvP functions, you could update your server and get one of those.

    Just because you type slow doesn't mean that it's difficult. :p
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    Copied the message of the guy above. I didnt say that, I cant code. But if you can make it that would be great
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    and they all either use plugins wich receive no more support for,or they pay for custom ones
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    No one has done it yet, is there anyone who wants to do this for me pls
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    Still not done yet ;< I know it will take a lot of time but please a beginner dev maybe try this as practise
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