[Completed] Cookie plugin or Valentines plugin. [Fun] [Formatted]

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    Plugin now in BukkitDev
    Status: Completed
    Dev link
    Given name: ddeckysgifts


    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Cookies plugin or Valentines plugin

    What I want: Id like a plugin that gives a player a cookie or rose in there inventory, and that it says in their chat "An anonymous person has given you a cookie, yum" quite simple i believe so, could also be a valentine thing "A mysterious person has given you a rose." and probably a user customizable message with a config file to customize the first text.

    Ie: "A mysterious person has given you a rose." "Meet me in the lake."
    "A mysterious person has given you a cookie, yum." "A gift from you're neighbor."
    "A mysterious person has offered you a peace offering." "Im soo sorry i killed you."

    Ideas for commands:

    /Cookie <playername> <ammount>
    /Rose <playername> <ammount>

    /Cookie <playername> <ammount> <user assignable text>
    /Rose <playername> <ammount> <user assignable text>

    Ideas for permissions: Just can the player use this command etc. maybe like
    - cookie.command
    - rose.command
    something like that i dont mind, something for as long as i can turn the command off for a certain group or player.

    When I'd like it by: Any time soon theres no need to rush things. :3

    Similar plugin requests: None that i know of, if there is one exactly like this or similar please sate below.

    Cool people: @kezz101
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    I will make this for you, give me a moment.

    EDIT: Thank you for actually formatting your thread ;)
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    This is funny I like it! May I have a copy?
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    Sure, I plan on making it public on Bukkit Dev.

    Here you go:
    Tell me if there is anything else you need in it.

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    Sweet ddeckys thanks. and by all means go publicly crazy.
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    Have you tested it out yet?

    I ask because I didn't test it myself, so I don't know if it will work or not.
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    Not yet, when i get home i will do so.
    EDIT: Been very buzzy lately due to exams.

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