Complete list of recommended build from 1.2 & up ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MoreBloodWine, May 13, 2013.

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    I was wondering if someone might please compile a list of all recomended bukkit builds from 1.2 & up along with their DL links, Ty.

    I'd like them for a server project I am working on.
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    Edit: Everything crossed out are jars I have obtained, those not crossed out I still need, Ty.


    So I decided to use some PRE stuff as well, been searching this board () and assuming no posts have been deleted then this should be everythings bukkits released with the last recomended build before the next version.

    ex. 1.1 -> 1.2

    Ok, so it appears all these links are thus far the same / not working so I will forgo posting them unless I find a unique one that works but these below RB's are what I am looking for, preferrably the last one made.

    ex. 1.4 PRE had crash errors where a 1.4 PRE "patch" was released.

    Ok, so it seems the ONLY RB I was able to DL was 1.4.7, so I would like it if someone like evilseph could provide me with the following jars assuming they're still held somewhere.

    Again preferrably the last one made using the same ex as before.

    ex. 1.4 PRE had crash errors where a 1.4 PRE "patch" was released.

    Pre Releases
    1) 1.4 PRE

    2) 1.5 PRE

    3) 1.7.2 PRE

    4) 1.7.3 PRE

    5) 1.8.1 PRE

    Final Releases
    1) 1.0.1-R1

    2) 1.1-R6

    3) 1.2.4-R1

    4) 1.2.5-R5

    5) 1.3.1-R2

    6) 1.3.2-R3

    7) 1.4.5-R1

    8. 1.4.7-R1
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    Thats just as confusing as all the posts I went through to find pre / final RB builds to which all the links were the same. All that main pages shows is 1.4.7-R1.0 and 1.5 beta with links to more pages with more link to more pages with more links ;-/
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    chaseoes ?
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    I know I probably shoulda found that on my own and for that I apologize... I've been stressin this jar thing or a good while before I made this post. Thxx to you though, I now have all the RB builds I need but only for the finals, that "site" doesn't seem to have any of the listed PRE RB's. Only PRE I even found were dev builds for 1.8.x
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    MoreBloodWine i guess by PRE you mean SNAPSHOT? If so you can checkout and look for those jars under the path org/bukkit/craftbukkit
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    Pre being the 1.8 etc before the 1.0+ finals starting come out, not the stuff inbetween like week12 etc.

    AKA I guess beta MC files / before the official release of MC.
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    I'm gonna start digging for the files on that guys link you posted. With luck I will find what I need but I am a bit weirded out by downloading from someone other thab bukkit.

    Anyway, I linked the original post for the fun of it as well as the build numbers with the exception to 3, the build number wasn't listed unless I am blind and missed it lmao.

    1) 1.4 PRE #684 -

    2) 1.5 PRE - Apparently an RB was never released, so forget this one.

    3) 1.7.2 PRE #??? -

    4) 1.7.3 PRE #1000 -

    5) 1.8.1 PRE #1185 -
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