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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by LikesProjects, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Hi guys! I am opening the project and in this regard decided to create a competition. Its essence consists in that to show the talents and to draw, create, make art in a subject of one or several below given criteria for participation in competition with a word (symbolics) of "TargetCraft". Winners and participants will be awarded by release versions of my launcher for your server (the picture below), and the best art creator will receive a game key for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance and Supreme Commander for Steam (c).
    More details about what is required for participation:
    1) To draw, make a collage for the background on a site in Minecraft style (size more than 1000х2000 px) with the name of the "TargetCraft" server. The bigger the size, the better.
    2) To make a template for a site (WordPress cursor) in Minecraft style, the transparent body of a site in the middle, various widgets and monitoring for servers is desirable.
    3) To draw a banner or banners with a size
    100x30 320x60 468x60 150x450
    300 x 250 rectangle of average size
    250 x 250 an emerging square
    240 x 400 vertical rectangle
    336 x 280 big rectangle
    180 x 150 rectangle
    468 x 60 long banner
    234 x 60 half of a long banner
    88 x 31 micro strip
    120 x 90 button 1
    120 x 60 button 2
    120 x 240 vertical banner
    125 x 125 square button
    728 x 90 conducting stand
    160 x 600 wide skyscraper
    120 x 600 skyscraper
    300 x 600 announcement on half-pages
    or your own size
    4) Also we accept: constructions, screenshots, any fan-arts with TargetCraft symbolics.
    5) We will be glad to accept and consider other sorts of art.
    We wish success to all the participators!


    All the works shouldn't break any copyrights. Your participation in competition confirms that you agree that we could, without coordination with you, place your works in any purposes. Organizator of competition reserves the right to correct the rules without notification of his participants.

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    Hard to read font.
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    Change your title to this:
    Competition - Web-Designing
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    What is web desing? Is it like graffiti-ing?
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    Spend countless hours on web design for a steam game and a custom launcher? Hell yeah! Oh wait... I got other stuff to do D:
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    Your case you want to participate in the contest or not
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    ...I'd do this if you bought my Diablo 3.
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    Your priority is getting SBv2 out.
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    Лол, это лаунчер бесплатный есть
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    Gave that bitch some screenshots of alpha products. Bitches love screenshots from alpha products
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