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    # Configuration for CompassNavigation by Adzwoolly and DenialMC!
    # Each number represents the slot in the compass GUI.
    # If the slot is not in use, set Enabled to False!
    # Item is the item to represent the teleport in the Compass GUI.
    # Use IDs for specifying an item:
    # Pitch: -90 = Sky, +90 = Floor
    # The name and lore can have colour codes. The colour code is '&', e.g. '&6' for gold
    # For colour codes please check:
    # Up to 6 rows are supported.
    # You can specify data values for the item. For example: 35:2
    # You can specify Essentials warps using the Warp option.
    # You can specify BungeeCord servers using the Bungee option.
    # You can specify Lilypad servers using the Lilypad option.
    # You can specify prices for using certain slots with the Price option.
    # You can specify item amouints with the Amount option.
    # You can specify enchanted status with the Enchanted option (true or false).
    # You can specify commands to run with the Command option (Don't include the first slash). To run a console command just write "c:" before the command itself. Use those modifiers: <name>, <displayname>, <x>, <y>, <z>, <yaw>, <pitch>.
    # Set up slots ingame with /cn setup!
    # You can disable the pvp warmup time with WarmupTime, increase the distance checked with WarmupDistance and the time to pass with WarmupDelay.
    # Don't forget to add items to the config!

    Item: 345 # Item to open compass GUI
    GUIName: CompassNavigation # The name of the compass GUI
    Rows: 1 # The amount of rows in the compass GUI. Maximum 6 rows are supported
    Prefix: '&2&l[&a&lCN&2&l]' # The prefix
    SignName: '&1[Teleport]' # The sign name that players can right-click to open the compass GUI
    NoPermSignName: '&4[Teleport]' # The sign name that gets on a sign if a player without permission tries to create a [Teleport] sign
    CommandName: 'compass' # The compass command's name: By default /compass
    AutoUpdater: true # Toggle the auto-updater
    Sounds: true # Toggle the sounds
    WarmupTime: true # Toggle the PvP warm-up time
    WarmupDistance: 15 # The distance in which players are requested to be for a cooldown to initiate
    WarmupDelay: 5 # The seconds to wait before the player is teleported
    1: # The slot in the compass GUI. The maximum amount of slots is 54
    Enabled: true # Whether the compass will load this item
    Item: '51' # The item in the slot. You can specify data values. For example '35:2'
    Amount: 23 # The amount of the item in the slot
    Enchant: false # Does the item have an enchant glow? (true/false)
    Command: 'maj' # The command to execute after pressing the icon, without slashes! To use a console command just prefix it with 'c:'
    Price: 13.37 # The price of using that slot
    Name: '&6&lFireLand' # The item name. The colour sign is "&" e.g. "&4" would make the item name red
    World: world # The world name, e.g. 'potatoworld'
    - '&eTothelandof&6fire!' # The description (aka lore). The colour sign is the same as with Name, "&".
    Bungee: 'survival' # The BungeeCord server to teleport to. By default you do not need to specify this, as most servers dont use BungeeCord.
    Warp: 'bank' # The Essentials warp to warp to. If you do not have Essentials, or don't specify this, the coordinates will be used.
    X: 0 # X Co-ordinate
    Y: 64 # Y Co-ordinate
    Z: 0 # Z Co-ordinate
    Yaw: 0 #Yaw. If unsure set to 0
    Pitch: 0 #Pitch. If unsure set to 0
    DisabledWorlds: #The worlds that the compass can't be opened in
    - world_the_end #List using dashes
    - world_nether
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