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    Plugin category: Utilities

    Suggested name: CompassTeleport

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you can teleport using the compass. I know about other compass teleport plugins, but I would like my own and it is different than any I have seen. I would like you to be able to create item folders within the compass that allows you to open warps. Example: There is a hunger games item, you click it and it opens a new compass menu which has all of the hunger games maps which you can then warp to. So basically the hunger games icon is a folder for all of the maps. Thats the best example I could come up with :p. I would also like to have the option of creating a book as well that is given to a player when they join the server. I would like it so players always have the compass and book in their inventory.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ct addfolder [Name] - Add folder
    /ct addfolderdesc [Name] [Desc] - Create folder description (lore)
    /ct removefolder [Name] - Remove folder
    /ct additem [Folder] [Name] - Add item in folder
    /ct removeitem [Folder] [Name] - Remove item from folder
    /ct compassname [Name] - Set the compass name
    /ct compassdesc [Desc] - Set the compass description (lore)
    /ct bookname [Name] - Set the book name
    /ct bookdesc [Desc] - Set the book description (lore)
    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible :)
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    Ibix13 I mean be able to setwarps and tp to the warps using the compass, not just click and it teleports you where you click
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    Ohh.... I might do it if i have the time :)
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    Ibix13 Alright cool :) let me know if you are gonna take this over
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    Starting it now :) EDIT: Can you describe a little more what the commands would do, and what permissions you need for a command. I'm confused on what you mean by like addfolder and stuff...
    You want a custom inventory right?
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    Ibix13 Okay, so basically what I mean by folders is that they have an item in the compass and when they click the item, it opens a new compass menu that has more items. Folder items will automatically be shown when you click the compass, and you can then add items in the folder.

    Example: (Got the pictures online)
    Pretend that this is in the compass:
    A user clicks the iron sword (or whatever item is specified)
    Then after they click the iron sword this new inventory shows up:
    So the iron sword acts like a folder holding the rest of these items.
    Users would then be able to warp using these items.
    Sorry, there is no good way to explain it.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Like other people said, for this just use chest commands:

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