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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by icedmoca, Mar 1, 2016.

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    As title says, what this plugin does is when you join the server you can either craft a compass or take one out of creative mode, then it tracks the nearest player. But when you have that player friended aka /friend <Player> the compass does not track them. /unfriend would unfriend the player. Also I need the action bar while holding the compass say: &6Nearest User: &e<PLAYER> &bBlocks Away: &e <BLOCKS>. Read Below.


    - /friends - Shows a list of your friends in chat: "&aFriends: &fNotch, Herobrine, jeb_"

    - /friend <user> - Message to you: "&aAdded new friend <USER>" Message to person u friended: "&6Received friend request from <USER> &7Use /friend <USER> to accept it!"

    -/unfriend <user> - Message to you: "&cUnfriended &6<USER>". Message to person u unfriended: "&6<USER> &cUnfriended you! &7Use /unfriend <USER>"


    - No permissions needed.

    DONT FORGET: Compass tracks not friended users! or unfriended users!
    COMPASS does not track friended players!

    When needed- 3 days

    If you want to take the time you can make the /friends into a gui with the player heads that shows ur friends.

    Thanks, tucson
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    You don't have to include the friend GUI if you don't want to.
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    Why can't you just use the commands? Why does there have to be a gui?
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    There does not have to be a GUI
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