Library Commy - a Powerful Framework to Simplify Plugin Messaging

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  1. Commy - a Powerful Framework to Simplify Plugin Messaging

    Note that the reason I put this here, is because it's not only for BungeeCord, but also Spigot (uses only methods found in Bukkit, so works with Bukkit too).

    Everything is explained on GitHub (, so I will just leave that here until I've transferred to information from there to here. Examples can be found on GitHub!

    This framework even allows you send objects! Use AbstractMessageHandler.
    Feedback is very much appreciated! Also, please, submit pull requests!

    No, the name is not communist-inspired.
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  3. There's a link to the GitHub, there are some explanations and examples there.

    It's basically a wrapper for the current Plugin Messaging, simplifying its use and allowing for example objects to be sent (using json). For example:
    SpigotCommy#sendMessage(Bukkit.getPlayer("timtower"), "channel/pipe", new Object() { });
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    Pretty cool library. I checked out the source and submitted a PR with a couple of changes I think could benefit the project as a whole. :)

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