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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by MrGeneralQ, Feb 19, 2017.


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    Okay so I'm a developer for a few years now on devBukkit and no I'm not a populair one but since the new lay-out it has it's pro's and contra's.

    First of all: I like it that the lay-out has been changed. It looks nicer and is mobile responsive which is a huge +.

    But one thing bothers me so hard which I think broke the community.
    On the first design (old) the newest Updates were showed first. This was a great oppurtunity for developers to showcase their plugins on a huge ammount of people.

    But then suddenly the lay-out was changed and the most populair ones were there. And I think anyone going to agree with me that it will be always the same group: Essentials, WorldEdit , Vault ... and that kinda broke the community. Yes they can select the option so the newest Plugins or the latest Updated plugins show first. But will they really take the time to take a closer look at plugins which are nearly downloaded.

    I personly think that it should show the latest updated/created projects again first. And that they can choose for most populair ones.

    Thanks for reading/voting on my post. No offense to the bukkit staff you guys are great but pls consider doing something about this.


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    @MrGeneralQ this has been brought up to curse several times now. IDK if it ever will be changed.
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    They should consider doing it. It's bothering me soo much, the community is broken like this.
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    Can't really say much - but I can say that changes and updates ARE coming. This is on the list of items for review.
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