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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SunShe, Mar 10, 2011.

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    This plugin is the best way to gain much time.
    It allow you to copy what you want and past it anywhere else.

    Just show you a little video of the begin of it. ( Just begin few hours ago )

    Send here for collect some ideas from you guys. i think already that i
    will add these following options:

    - Copy something for past it at 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
    - Vertical/Horizontal Mirror past
    - Maybe something to copy with filters apply.

    You took 2 weeks to build your awesome 3 floors house?
    I duplicate it in 2 commands, less than 2 minutes. :p

    Imagine the possibilities, it can be used to make oceans, duplicate areas,
    ground level, lengthen your town ramparts, it can be used in the reversed side,
    for remove something, can use for flying constructions, etc...

    Enjoy, what did you think ?
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    Oh yeah i have not seen it. xD Nvm i will keep it for me :p
  4. Serious, I think this is way better than WorldEdit. I always have problems with WorldEdit. This knows the exact location. (But I got to say WorldEdit is more advanced)

    But I love simple plugins what do what they need to do :D
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    As many people have said already, it can be done with Worldedit... But there is one thing it can't do: rotate by n degrees, where n%90!=0. Try and make it! (I would think that will have to use Bresenham's line algorithm, eeh?)
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    Okay, now I re-read my post and it sounded rude. I apologize.
    Of course there's WorldEdit. And there's room for improvement, innovation, and competition.

    TechGuard (above) alludes to the confusion with copy/paste in WorldEdit. It can be confusing.
    I find myself having to undo and retry the paste several times to get it in the right spot. Even if
    I am real careful to recall where I was relative to when I did the copy, it can still paste in not
    quite the right spot.

    As for rotating on arbitrary angles. Ouch. Good luck with that. [​IMG]

    I would like to see a mirror-image flipping feature. Does WorldEdit have that? Not sure.
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    Omg you are serious? It's so easy, all is about 3 axes savings/Virtual Tabs. Rotating are not hard and i will do better, my plugin gonna detect directly the character rotation viewing. Beleive me, calculating trigonometry, tangent arches (Atn, pii) and company, im extremly good at this. but i wont concurrent WorldEdit, im not here for that.
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    Joshua Neicho

    I look forward for this, good luck
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    Heh, sounds like you remember your math. I'm old, so I don't remember too well.
    I remember a little trig somewhat, and cosines and sines. Then it gets fuzzy. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I'll keep watching this plugin and watch for new and unique features. [​IMG]
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    I will send a new video in 30minutes :D Now it support automaticaly direction of the player. Really simple to use and awesome result are fast :D Imagine, you mining with it, copy an empty zone with only 1 torch, you can mining in the lighting :p
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    yes it can lol
  12. Nice :D
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    Really? Because I just tried
    //rotate 47
    with CraftBukkit 544 and WorldEdit 4.2 (both the absolute latest as of this post) and it told me I need to use an angle divisible by 90 degrees...
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    And it rotating in the vertical direction too ? like mine ? 90° only, that weak, i will add maybe 45° if you are wise. i can same add any angle like 37° 59° etc... but ahah the result can make lose some blocks to keep the original format. and not sure that really interesting for minecraft.
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    Rotation along the vertical axis would be awesome! And yeah, i figured any rotation not %90 or %45 would start to break down due to aliasing, but it might be a great feature for larger objects. Either way, 45 degrees would be sweet! A good test might me: create a WorldEdit sphere, copy and rotate 45 degrees and paste - since it's a sphere it should look just about the same, no?
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    Hey- this seems really cool to me!

    I want/wanted to make a spell for this- I know people say that "WorldEdit does this" and blahblah- but I want something more for players, not for admins, and this is awesome.

    I'd be interested in collaborating, or at least looking at your code if you're interested :)

    I haven't started work on the spell myself, and probably won't for a while- but I do have a lot of helpful code that you could use to get started- BoundingBox certainly comes to mind! I'd love to see that class extended to just "handle" things like this...

    I'd planned on providing two versions for my spell:
    1. A two-click Cuboid-style-selection copy+paste (with modifiers) - prolly a lot like what CopyPast will do?
    2. A recursive option that would attempt to identify a "structure" of some kind automatically in one click, and then copy+paste that.
    Obviously, that second part is a lot harder and would probably come later :)

    By the way- I can tell that English is not your native language, but you're perfectly understandable to me- let me know if I'm not so much understandable to you. Google Translate works pretty well! :D

    Yeah, what she (and@4am, and a lot of people prolly...) said. :D

    Non-orthagonal rotation is going to be lossy. If you rotate something 37°, and then rotate it -37°, it won't come back right. Unless you keep the original structure in memory- which is not a bad idea anyway, and would need to be there for the "spell" version for rewinding, anyway.

    That's harder, of course, though- and stateful. If you're just spinning blocks, you don't have to keep track of anything, which is always nice.

    So, yeah- I think with WorldEdit and CopyPast, this is not so much a matter of a "missing feature", as much a "feature that probably shouldn't be implemented" ;)

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    Hi, Hya please don't steal my plugin feature :p or i will stop this one (keep it for me). it's useless to have 2 plugin who making the same thing, i can see your interest for it. My CopyPast have of course an "/undo" command. and at 37° it forcefully make block missings, because we meet "single/double/float" values. and 1 block ar 1 block, it's not a 1,763445 Block. But like said 4am for big constructions, the result can be less destructured. but work with something like "copy & past" can open great possibilities, i agree and can't stop you to make your happiness. i want but are not sure if i can work with Lie groups algorithms with JAVA and maybe scare that the plugin get fast a big size file.
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    Where is the plugin?
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    Hey, sorry! I did not mean to imply that I wanted to steal anything.

    Keep doing what you're doing. I'm going to make a spell to do this one day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep making your plugin.
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    Looks quite useful and I definitely like that it's rather simple to use.

    I'm actually working on a somewhat similar plugin which will allow you to record a construction process (or multiple with different names to be exact) and have it rebuild anywhere. The recording and replacement already work but I wish to add material requirement and a build preview before I release anything.
    I've forgotten rotation so far - thanks for reminding me ;)
    Might be a bit annoying with torches and the like though, considering that their "orientation" depends on the metadata... have to look into that...

    Keep up the good work!
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    Man, that is an extremely excellent point... you'll want to abstract the "rotate block" functionality I guess, and then have to maintain block orientation as well as position... that is a lot more of a hassle!

    Does WorldEdit handle this in its rotation, I wonder? Need to play with that plugin...
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    Last time I did a //set in WorldEdit with a row of torches it did NOT behave correctly, and sometimes the torches would change direction on their own. Not sure if this is due to WorldEdit or due to the location I placed them (a 1x1x25 row). Never tried rotating.

    Shouldn't the Bukkit/Minecraft code handle block orientation once your code wrote the blocks back into the map?
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    Nope- @EraDKator hit it on the head. Orientation for blocks is a special thing, only for certain blocks, stored in data. I think it's even handled differently depending on block type- as in, signs can go at 45-degree angles, torches can't.

    It gets tricky...
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    Because normal lol, you are so funny. Torches are not a block. Bukkit have associated to it, but it's not.
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    Mmm Octopie

    is it not supposed to be Paste and not Past
    still a very good plugin though
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    Actually I wouldn't be so sure about that...
    The Minecraft Wiki states it as follows and categorizes them as "non-solid block".
    Although I cannot sayon what data their categorization is based.
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    Arrg, grrrr! Thank you very much, [​IMG] i will fix that. Luckily there have least one who corrects me.
    Since all that time. snif :'(
    Edit: I can't change the thread title. :'( that look so noobish omg [​IMG]
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    You can change the thread title. Go up top, click on "Thread Tools" and pick "Edit Thread"
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    haven't here
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    I think CopyPast works just fine, copying past structures?
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