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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Inuyasha22, May 6, 2012.

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    I got the following problem. Whenever I try to run any command using the console (beside some really old bukkit commands like give or warp) the console doesn't find the player (even when I attached it after the command, like 'kill PLAYERNAME' ..

    It just gives me the 'correct' way of using the command... This is happening for most custom commands created by plugins and also for many of Bukkit's.

    Any idea?
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    show us example of plugin to which command you try to preform for example


    /tp nick
    /tp zero
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    You are using plugins that are not compatible with Bukkit 1.2.5
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    I thought Essentials was updated? By the way, /kill never seemed to work, even without plugins :D

    Actually it's every command that asks for a playername.. doesn't seem to be plugin depending oo
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    dont listen to Shukaku

    or you have problem with permissions or you have conflict with 2 or more plugins

    1st of all leave only essentials in your plugins folder and make sure you are op than try to kill someone with /kill nick

    or to use /tp nick

    and you Shukaku stop telling ppl stuff you dont know

    as i see you have no experience and you just guessing what can be wrong and that is not helping any 1
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    Grow up and stop acting high and mighty because you have 2000 posts. The whole point of support is to try different avenues to find the answer. Stop being so rude because, right now, I want to leave this site because of your nasty attitude and your superiority.

    FYI, I have been using Bukkit for a year and I know fine well what I'm talking about.
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    i use for over 26 years a tv and still i dont know how exact it is working

    using and understanding is 2 different things and by your age if you dont understand such a simple thing i feel sorry for you

    its no matter who have how much posts only the content matter so i dont feel better than you

    all i see is that if you would be around here longer or have more experience you would know that 1st thing to try in that case is to try server without plugins to be sure that is plugin related and YOU took a WILD GUESS confusing post owner just because you think you are smart

    i am stupid so what ? but at least i dont confuse ppl who need help and if you are smarter than me than on what i see your replies contain i prefer to stay stupid

    and all you did in this post is say "plugins dont work"
    im sure that helped post owner and solved his problem in 100 %

    keep it up
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    ZeroZX4 was pointing out that you were concluding the plugins were incompatible without any evidence. There are dozens of reasons a command can fail. One of them is version incompatibility, just one.

    Now please, stop fighting.
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    If my advice was wrong, I apologise but he just bashed me because I was wrong. Not to sound rude to him, he may be some great guy, but his replies towards me are, in my opinion, rude and intimidating. It's customary for users to ignore useless support advice, no ?

    Note I did not start the fighting here. I registered and got abusive messages thrown at me when trying to help.
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    And another is that 2 plugins or more have the same command but the server*does not know which to use the command to the specified plugin. as ZeroZX4 pointed out.
    *server / GUI idk what you call it

    And if you have a problem with us helpers here on the bukkit threads, take it some where elese. ZeroZX4 likes to help people with problems with bukkit or bukkit plugins i dont know him in person but i know he is dedicated. and if you think you know the answer to everything then do it yourself, and stop arguing. and dont be so ignorant.
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    Nowhere have I stated any such thing. I am backing out of this thread before things turn ugly. I've also made a mental note that it seems perfectly fine to go bashing and intimidating people when they make a mistake in a support thread, which is evidenced by people's rude responses to my relatively minor mistake.
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    note i did start the fight < but if you call it a fight Shukaku than you really got problem

    i really try to support you well often i make fun of you but when i see something like "permissions for lava and water flow" i just cant resist but for real soon you will start to getting experience and than i wont need to comment anything on you

    but as you said to that guy from that strange country to not reply you with his language and here you say you have right to reply with anything you want well so what others cant and you can ? make some sense kid

    and you say you did not start the "fight" well i did for sure but well you had your part in it anyway so dont try to justify your self here

    and about that "to my relatively minor mistake" it should be "to my relatively minor mistakeS" from all posts i seen you reply in only 1 you was right rest was all wrong with you saying or suggesting you are sure that you are right

    maybe im rude even maybe im insulting you well that is just your opinion but i never did confuse other user like you are doing it
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