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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LordOfPex, Oct 16, 2015.

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    Okay, Thanks again for making this, Much appreciated! :)
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  3. @Scimiguy I was just wondering if this plugin would be able to do this:

    I want to create the command: /wild

    /wild will run sub commands: /warp wild /rtp

    But /warp wild and /rtp when run will say: This command cannot be used, if I used /wild the features of /warp wild and /rtp would work.

    Basically the sub commands cant be used by players but the command /wild can be used as if the original sub commands were compacted into one command.
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  5. Yes I would love that please

    Also do you know of a way to disable the warp being see-able in /warp from essentials?

    @Scimiguy Waiting here patiently, excited :p

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    No, I'm not sure that's possible with essentials

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  7. Ah alright, would you be able to attempt to make an addon or such? and haha sorry :)
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    The warp command would have to be re written or overwritten to do that

    Its doable, but not something i really feel like doing to be honest.. Why do you need that?
  9. So that the list is more professional, if they are able to see "Wild" in the warp list they would simply teleport to that spot and everyone would stay in that one spot but what I was planning to do with this plugin was make it so that when the player does /wild they get teleported to a box in a world and then a timer of 5 seconds occurs, then they get teleported to a random place in that world.

    Overall its useful for me and other people in the long term. This kind of plugin has been asked for many times but many coders have said no due to the fact that there isnt much sense behind having it but if you think out of the box there are many uses for this kind of plugin in which are extremely useful to create your own kind of teleport command.
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    I'm in agreeance with them lol
    You could just create a warp to that box and use command blocks..

    I really don't think I'm going to re-write the warp command just to support that
  11. I understand, will you still be creating the other feature I requested? If so could you please tell me when its been done?
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    Update is currently pending (V1.3) on BukkitDev
    If you put RunAsConsole: true
    in your command configuration in the config, it will run the command as console, skipping permission checks.

    That'll do what you're asking for ;)
  14. Thanks :)
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