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    Wow man, that's really helped a lot, appreciate it! :D You saved me a lot of time of me always having to start windows for the server to run! You're a life saver (time saver)!
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    You're welcome! :D
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    davewolax Nice than that problem is solved too :D
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    TheOfficialCincminc While this video is awesome but You could download one of CoderCloud plugins instead of essentials as a test. :p
    Also give some instructions slowly to people that don't know the commands, and show that in GUI menu, what each item does.
    Thanks for this awesome video!
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    TheOfficialCincminc Seems like this file will never get approved ... Waiting for almost 2 days already :(
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    No worrys, a guy who made a plugin for me had to wait 5 days for it ti be approved...

    Might I also be allowed to test it?
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  12. Do you want me to remake it?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Remake what?
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    no it's fine! I was just saying some key points! but if you want to make it again would be great too! :D
  15. The video?

    Ya ill make it :D

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  16. I have only had this error once.
    I think it was because the plugin maker made a .zip file and then you had to get the plugin that way.
    Can you make it so you can un-ninstall the plugins and extract it from a .zip file

    Sorry for the long time to wait for a reply.


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    Planet Minigames Plugins, that are uploaded in a zipfile never caused any issues for me, and should work fine.

    Can you give me the link to the page where the plugin is?

    What do you mean by
    If you install plugins a second time with another version they will override the old one, and the new version will work after you reload

    I uploaded my source-code

    Edit: I want to upload 2.0.1 for a little code cleanup later, you can change the version under commits

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    Could you send me a link for the SDK?
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    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post external links that are not related to bukkit or not.
    so just search on google "JAVA SDK For MAC" there are couple junk websites, just ignore that. there is one that let you download it. it's about 150MB.

    Note: SDK is "software development kit" download and install it at your own risk!
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    Version 2.0 finally approved :D
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    I would like to thank EVERYONE for their support in this server, I never thought it would get this far!

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