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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: PluginInstall

    What I want: I'd like a plugin to install a plugin with a command, so you can just paste a link into the command and will install the plugin! This would be a good Admin Tool so any staff member can install plugins from in-game!

    Ideas for commands: /plugininstall [link] or alias /pi [link]

    Ideas for permissions: plugininstall.install (permission to add plugin!)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP!

    Unfortunately, I don't use my Skype so we cant talk over it - Sorry =/

    Update #1: Thank you everyone for helping! We hope to see this plugin soon as CoderCloud is developing it - Thanks!

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    This is not possible as far as I know.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Very possible. You can download the file and let Bukkit load it.
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    Can anyone make this ASAP? timtower you interested?
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    I think i will look into this.
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    Thank you CoderCloud, You can PM me as well as reply to this post! Please tell me as soon as you know if you can do it!
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    troycooper5 I don't have time today, so might start tomorrow if noone is faster.

    Edit: I can start at 18:30 CET. I have to go to school until then :x
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Nope, and in my opinion you are better of with FTP though
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    Its my oppinion too, but i might try this anyway
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Not stopping you either :p
    Do make sure to download async to prevent lag
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    Already thought of that ^^
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    Thanks! I am in GMT time zone... Hope to see this plugin soon CoderCloud !

    Only 2 hours 15 minutes till CoderCloud starts to develop this plugin!!!

    It is!
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    timtower Hey, looks like i got a little Problem:

    When i load the filepage in firefox i get this tablecell (
    <td class="col-filename">
        <a href="">
    But when i load the site in java the link to the file is missing:

    <td class="col-filename">
    Do you know any way to get a direct fileLink of a plugin in java?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    CoderCloud Let the user pick the URL direct so that dropbox links will also work. So for that plugin it would be this:
    Direct download link is the best method
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    timtower Thanks!

    I thought about loading all files of the plugin and letting them select ingame, but that dosent seem to work.
    I will most likeley do like you said.
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    I thoug
    I thought you we doing PluginInstall not ItemEffects?
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    troycooper5 Its just an example.
    I tried downloading my own plugin using the programm.

    Edit: I just copied this html code from the website that i was looking at
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    Ok, Just making sure!
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    Hope to see this plugin done soon!

    Thank you for joining this tread and helping us!

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Not very useful for dropbox links though :p
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    Going well?

    I would like to thank everyone who is helping in this post!

    Hope to see PluginInstall soon!
  23. This seems like its going really well! When it comes out mind if i do a plugin tutorial?
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    no problem mate. it's a cool idea! and I hope it works.

    While I like the idea but, I (just like anyone else) use FTP to upload new plugins to my server, but there is another way, if you are using McMyAdmin Control panel you can just search for a plugin and install it right from there into your server.

    But now I was wondering, how many times a day would you install new plugins? very often? every hour?
    Also would you test the plugin in local server and set up the config files before loading it to your main server?

    Well, while your idea is very cool and Awesome, but I don't upload new plugins every day or every hour in my server.
    so it's not hesitate to do a research for a new plugin that I'm are looking for, find the right version and test it first in local server and finally load it to the server and do couple restarts to fix all bugs and issues and then we are good to go... :D
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    Ok @TheOfficicalCincminc I was looking for someone to do it for me!
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    Wow troycooper5 .. you're excited arn't you?
    CoderCloud Personally I would put in a check to make sure the links are either from or, to limit the chance of loading malicious code.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    In my opinion you have the same issues when download and putting it in your server by hand.
  28. Np :D I don't have a lot of subs tho but i think it will still count :D! is there things you would like me to speak about specifically?
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    Agree, and giving access to a plugin to download anything on the server could be dangerous and you are letting everyone (admins) to install anything they want on your server. basically killing your server by your own plugins.

    CoderCloud you should probably also put a cool down timer so people won't download plugins over and over or download thousands of plugins at once.
  30. I don't know much about coding and malicious code but couldn't someone that does make some malicious code and upload it to bukkit or cures and go on server with this plugin and say its a plugin that does what the server specifically needs at that time?

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