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    What catagory: Admin

    What I want: Ok, so. I want you to make a hollow square, they, using W.E., select the region. With that, do /portal create [Lava,Water] (Fills the portal with lava or water) then do /portal sel while standing in the portal. Then /portal addcmd (The Command) and if you mess up do /portal re [Command] and if I don't want it, do /portal sel, then /portal del
    I made a 6x6 cobble stone 'portal', I selected it with W.E. then did /portal create water. Then it says 'Portal # Created!' I stand in the water and do /portal sel, and it says 'Portal # selected!'. Then I do /portal addcmd sg join, then it says 'You have added /sg join to portal #' and when I walk through the portal, I get teleported to the SG lobby.

    Commands: /portal create [Lava, Water]; /portal sel; /portal addcmd (Command); /portal re (Command) /portal del

    Permissons: portal.use; portal.admin = Child commands; portal.use, portal.delete,, portal.create = Child permissions; portal.create.lava, portal.create.water

    When I'd like it by: This is kinda big so, no hurry's! :p

    Please do not come on the thread and say 'Hey! Skript can do this, just do ..., I don't use skript!

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