Command on Kill.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by h0ck3yb0y19, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Command on Kill.
    This plugin should be pretty simple to code i would think/
    What i want.
    For my server i use tokens has a network wide currency and i need a plugin where if you kill a plyer it runs the command /tokens add %player% 3 and if you kill a mob is does /tokens add %player% 1
    Then i want it so I can give say a donator a permison and it will do the whole thing again but instead of 3 and 1 it will give 6 and 2.
    And i need it to do that for 6 ranks.
    The perms would be Tokendrop.1 tokendrop.2 tokendrop.3 tokendrop.4 tokendrop.5 tokendrop.6
    When i want it: As soon as possible
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    @h0ck3yb0y19 Wait so let me make sure I get it:
    When a player is killed, the console will run a command ('/tokens add %player% 3'), and when they kill a mob they do the same but with 1 token. If the player has a certain permission, it will give more tokens.
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    Yes that is correct, Also maybe a c6onfig so in the future if i want to give them more or less tokens or add more ranks. But if thats to hard to code then its not a big deal. I can tell you the coin modifiers i want per rank.
    1: 3(player) 1(mob)
    2: 6(player) 2(mob)
    3: 9(player) 3(mob)
    4: 12(player) 4(mob)
    5: 15(player) 5(mob)
    6: 20(player) 10(mob)
    Also maybe another idea. For every hour online they get 200 tokens. ( This is just a idea, If it is hard to do dont do it, just to the easy stuff)
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    Well... rather than making an entirely new plugin to work with your tokens commands.

    My tokens plugin has all the features expected, plus you can config tokens to give to players who kill any mob (each mob can be configured differently) and killing other players.

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    Well i bought a tokens plugin so i dont want to jus tnot use it. The tokens plugin is network wide. So this i just want for individual servers. Do you mind if i decompile your plugin so i can just extract the code for tokens on kills?
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    @h0ck3yb0y19 Would that plugin happen to be TokenEnchant?
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    @h0ck3yb0y19 Ok, I will give this a try. I understand you would like to execute a command when a player is killed, but I don't get the mob (ranks) part...
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    If It's not already done I'll try this tomorrow.
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    Download link is on my website, and its called KillCommand.
    I couldn't test against another player, but it did work with mobs. Let me know if there is any problem.

    The permissions are tokendrop.<1-10> to get the amount of tokens. If you give the player multiple permissions, they will get the highest amount possible. In the config, %player% will be replaced with the killer and %tokens% will be replaced with the tokens.

    Let me know if theres any questions you have!
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