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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by IsThisNameTakenNope, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Your post formatting is really broken.

    What does your plugin.yml contain? What command are you issuing, what do you expect to output, what outputs instead?
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  3. SpaceManiac yes, and I fixed the formatting, the output is supposed to use another event, and the event works, but the command doesn't.
    Totom3 I registered the command and then used the yaml parser to verify it was correct

    I can use tab to autocomplete it, but nothing fires.

    EDIT: plugin.yml:
    name: Buffz
    main: me.IsThisName.buffz.Main
    version: 1.0
            description: add buffs to your server!
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    So are you only supplying "/globalbuffs" as your command input? Your code specifically says that shouldn't do anything and returns false (which normally prints command usage, but you haven't provided any).
  5. SpaceManiac I'm using multiple args, and both of the last ones are integers, and I'm going to add that in later but the command doesn't even fire.
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    Try logging all the parameters at the beginning of the function, to see if maybe cmd.getName() is returning something weird or the method just isn't being called.
  7. SpaceManiac I tried debugging even putting a broadcast after the onCommand but it wont broadcast...
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    IsThisNameTakenNope Mhm... that's weird. Did you try setting your main class as the CommandExecutor for the command ? Or maybe use another class for that and register that one instead ?
  9. Totom3 I tried using a CommandExecutor with the same results but then removed it, don't you not need a commandexecutor if the command is in your main class?
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    IsThisNameTakenNope Post the full startup log so we can see if anything happens in there that may cause problems.
  12. xTigerRebornx Nothing relevant, starts up normally, but doesn't issue the command... and when I run the command, nothing irregular happens in console.

    That problem has been fixed(compilation errors) but now this line of code wont fire but all the other lines in the class do.
    1. Collection<ItemStack> drops = evt.getBlock().getDrops();
    2. for (ItemStack drop : drops) {
    3. for (int i = 0; i < Main.multiple; i++) {
    4. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("g");
    5. evt.getBlock().getWorld().dropItemNaturally(evt.getBlock().getLocation(), drop);
    6. }
    7. }
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    IsThisNameTakenNope We need the full function. If it's not firing then it's because A. Some line above it ends the method or the loop, or B. your "drops" collection is empty. Test if drops is empty, add comments everywhere (to see where it doesn't fire) and post the full function!!!
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